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Pedestal Grinders and Other Off-Hand Grinders Session 6.

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1 Pedestal Grinders and Other Off-Hand Grinders Session 6

2 Shop Tools and Techniques2 Grinding Grinding is the process of removing material by the cutting action of individual hard and sharp abrasive grains or particles of a revolving wheel as they come in contact with the surface to be ground.

3 Shop Tools and Techniques3 Grinding Wheels Abrasive Particles that are held together by a glue-like material called the bond.

4 Shop Tools and Techniques4 Grinding Wheels Abrasives either Natural Occurring or Synthetic Natural Emery Corundum Flint Garnet Quartz Diamond

5 Shop Tools and Techniques5 Grinding Wheels Synthetic Aluminum Oxide Silicon Carbide Zirconia-Aluminum Oxide Boron Carbide Ceramic Aluminum Oxide Cubic Boron Nitride Diamond

6 Shop Tools and Techniques6 Grinding Wheels Natural verses Synthetic Synthetic Has replaced most naturally occurring abrasives Superior Hardness Durability Controlled Grain size Controlled Purity Controlled Shape

7 Shop Tools and Techniques7 Grain Size Grain Size determines the coarseness or fineness of the grinding wheel Coarse WheelFine Wheel Ranges from 6 (very coarse) to 240 (very fine)

8 Shop Tools and Techniques8 Bond Types Vitrified Bond Most common (Clay or Feldspar) Resinoid Bond Synthetic resins Rubber Bond Flexible Bond Metal Bond Electrically conductive wheels

9 Shop Tools and Techniques9 Grinding Wheel Grade The degree of strength that a bond holds the abrasive grains in the bond setting. Grade A Softest Grade Z Hardest

10 Shop Tools and Techniques10 Grinding Wheel Grade The degree of strength that a bond holds the abrasive grains in the bond setting. Hardness of Material Hard Material – Soft Wheel Area of Contact Large Contact – Soft Wheel Speed of Wheel Higher Speed – Softer Wheel

11 Shop Tools and Techniques11 Grinding Wheel Grade The degree of strength that a bond holds the abrasive grains in the bond setting. Machine Condition Rigid Machine – Soft Wheel Rate of Feed High Rates – Hard Wheel Operator Characteristics Ram Rod – Hard Wheel

12 Shop Tools and Techniques12 Grinding Wheel Structure The structure of the grinding wheel is the space relationship of the grains and the bonding material to the voids that separate them. Structure 0 Small Spacing Structure 12 Larger Spacing

13 Shop Tools and Techniques13 Grinding Wheel Structure Grinding Wheels are fitted with paper blotters that act as cushions between the wheel and flanges holding them on.

14 Shop Tools and Techniques14 Grinding Wheel Features Abrasive Type Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, CBN, Diamond Grain Size 8 coarse to 240 very fine Grade A – Soft to Z – Hard Structure 0 – Close to 12 - Open

15 Shop Tools and Techniques15 Grinding Wheel Features Bond Type V – Vitrified S – Silicate B – Resinoid R – Rubber E – Shellac M – Metal Diameter Width Bushing Size Shape

16 Shop Tools and Techniques16 Grinding Wheel Manufacture The methods used in the manufacturing of specific grinding wheels are dependent upon the individual abrasive grain, the bond to be utilized and the particular application that the abrasive will be used for.

17 Shop Tools and Techniques17 Pedestal Grinder. The grinding wheels are mounted on a double-ended spindle and are held in place between two flanged disks Typically, a roughing or coarse grained wheel is usually mounted on one end of the spindle and a fine wheel on the other. A tool rest is provided for each wheel so that tools may be held or steadied while being ground

18 Shop Tools and Techniques18 Pedestal Grinder

19 Shop Tools and Techniques19 Pedestal Grinder

20 Shop Tools and Techniques20 Pedestal Grinder

21 Shop Tools and Techniques21 Pedestal Grinders

22 Shop Tools and Techniques22 Pedestal Grinder Bases

23 Shop Tools and Techniques23 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Rear exhausted dust collection unit

24 Shop Tools and Techniques24 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Quench Bath Cup

25 Shop Tools and Techniques25 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Wheel Guard

26 Shop Tools and Techniques26 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Why you need a Wheel Guard

27 Shop Tools and Techniques27 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Spark Guard

28 Shop Tools and Techniques28 Pedestal Grinder Accessories A tool rest is provided for each wheel so that tools may be held or steadied while being ground

29 Shop Tools and Techniques29 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Eye Shield and Work Light

30 Shop Tools and Techniques30 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Dressing Tools

31 Shop Tools and Techniques31 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Tool set for removing and mounting guards, rests, and etc.

32 Shop Tools and Techniques32 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Spindle nut wrench

33 Shop Tools and Techniques33 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Spark guard and tool rest setting gage

34 Shop Tools and Techniques34 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Lockout lock and tag

35 Shop Tools and Techniques35 Pedestal Grinder Accessories Lockout hasps

36 Shop Tools and Techniques36 Dismounting A Wheel 1. Turn off grinder 2. Lock-out and Tag-out grinder 3. Disconnect exhaust collector 4. Loosen and relocate Eye shield 5. Loosen and relocate tool rest 6. Loosen and relocate spark guard

37 Shop Tools and Techniques37 Dismounting A Wheel 7. Remove wheel guard 8. Loosen wheel mounting nut Right hand threads on right side Left hand threads on left side 9. Remove Wheel 10. Inspect wheel for damage Discard damaged wheel

38 Shop Tools and Techniques38 Turn Off Grinder

39 Shop Tools and Techniques39 Lock-out And Tag-out

40 Shop Tools and Techniques40 Disconnect Exhaust Collector

41 Shop Tools and Techniques41 Loosen And Relocate Eye Shield

42 Shop Tools and Techniques42 Loosen And Relocate Tool Rest

43 Shop Tools and Techniques43 Loosen And Relocate Spark Guard

44 Shop Tools and Techniques44 Remove Wheel Guard

45 Shop Tools and Techniques45 Loosen Wheel Mounting Nut

46 Shop Tools and Techniques46 Remove Wheel

47 Shop Tools and Techniques47 Inspect Wheel For Damage

48 Shop Tools and Techniques48 Mounting a Wheel 1. Clean Spindle shaft 2. Replace inner washer 3. Ring test wheel to mount 4. Install wheel on spindle 5. Replace outer washer 6. Tighten wheel mounting nut 7. Rotate wheel manually and observe

49 Shop Tools and Techniques49 Mounting a Wheel 8. Replace wheel guard 9. Reconnect exhaust collector 10. Relocate and tighten tool rest 11. Relocate and tighten spark guard 12. Remove Tag and Lock 13. Stand to side and restart grinder 14. Dress wheel

50 Shop Tools and Techniques50 Clean Spindle Shaft

51 Shop Tools and Techniques51 Ring Test Wheel

52 Shop Tools and Techniques52 Replace Inner Washer

53 Shop Tools and Techniques53 Install Wheel

54 Shop Tools and Techniques54 Replace Outer Washer

55 Shop Tools and Techniques55 Tighten Wheel Mounting Nut DO NOT Over-tighten Nut!!

56 Shop Tools and Techniques56 Rotate Wheel Manually

57 Shop Tools and Techniques57 Replace Wheel Guard DO NOT Over-tighten Nuts!!

58 Shop Tools and Techniques58 Reconnect Exhaust Collector

59 Shop Tools and Techniques59 Relocate And Tighten Tool Rest DO NOT Over-tighten Nuts!!

60 Shop Tools and Techniques60 Relocate And Tighten Spark Guard DO NOT Over-tighten Nuts!!

61 Shop Tools and Techniques61 Remove Tag and Lock

62 Shop Tools and Techniques62 Stand To Side And Restart Grinder

63 Shop Tools and Techniques63 Dress Wheel

64 Shop Tools and Techniques64 Other Grinders

65 Shop Tools and Techniques65 Other Machines

66 Shop Tools and Techniques66 The End!!

67 Shop Tools and Techniques67

68 Shop Tools and Techniques68

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