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Jeana Wise K-4 Literacy Coach Marshall Public Schools January 2013.

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1 Jeana Wise K-4 Literacy Coach Marshall Public Schools January 2013


3 Give me a thumbs up if you have heard it/thumbs down if you have not heard it. Give me a wave if you have used it. Knock once if you have ELL students in your classroom. Dribble a basketball if you have heard about Common Core Academic Standards. Tap your shoulder if you would rather assess students while you’re teaching than during your own time. Give me a Rattlesnake Shake if you have students in your class who always raises their hand to share and others who rarely raise their hand to share.

4 I think TPR is _____________________.

5 CAN Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Teaching Technique IS Provide instant feedback during lessons and assessments WILL Engage ALL students

6 The teacher will receive instant feedback from students while teaching. The students will be actively engaged!

7 Have a question to ask? Take a sticky note, write your question, and place it on the Parking Lot.

8 Grab an index card and make a list of 3 skills you teach throughout the school year.

9 Test Taking: Multiple Choice (A, B, C, D) Yes/No/I Don’t Know/Maybe/Probably Not True/False Fact/Opinion Synonym/Antonym Noun/Verb Living/Non-Living Math Symbols ( +, -, x, ÷, =) Punctuation Marks (., ?, !,,) Fiction/Non-Fiction Hour/Minutes Character/Setting Cause/Effect Odd/Even Comprehension

10 TPR: Sift the flour if you are ready for the CCSS! CCAS will require active engagement among students through realia, student conversations & demonstrations. Our Poverty students and ELL students will flourish in a classroom where they are actively engaged.

11 Which side of the brain will you be growing stronger? Taken from: ?T=3&ST=1 ?T=3&ST=1




15 Wave at MeSift the FlourPush the Door Knock on TableTapDribble a Ball Raise the RoofThumbs Up/DownCarry a Baby Lower the FloorButterflyDrive a Car Shoot a BasketCaterpillar/Wiggly Worm Hit a Ball Catch a StarJumpCheese Grater Kiss your BrainKiss your HeartKetchup Make a RainbowPull a RopeRollercoaster Golf ClapFirecrackerWow BubblegumRound of ApplauseLasso a Cow

16 Give me 5Throw a BallSaw the Board Micro-WaveMake it RainAnswer the Phone Throw a FrisbeeTake a PictureSwing the Bat Flip the SwitchStaying AliveStretch the Rubberband Shake the SaltPeel a BananaPlay a Guitar Crab HandsWhisk the BatterSwim a Lap Rub the LotionRow the BoatSpread the Icing Squeeze the Toothpaste Cut the PaperPat your____ Cast a PoleMake a Peace SignClap Your Hands Snap Your FingersClimb the LadderRound of Applause Fly Like a BirdJump RopeOpen a Book Martian EyesRattlesnake Shake

17 List your “tested” skill. Ask questions in whole-group or small-group. Take an inventory of student responses. Look for the incorrect response. Take time to have student led discussions to help support their responses. Skill: TSWBAT identify Fact and Opinion Date Student A Student B Student C


19 It’s your turn…what can you do with your students tomorrow? What do you want to make for your students next week? What would you like more information about?

20 Don’t use them all at once. The goal is to get students engaged, identify those who are not engaged, be able to quickly assess students knowledge of skills…not their knowledge of which TPR they are suppose to do!

21 Jump a rope if you can use this technique with your students. Lasso a cow if you plan on using it. Raise the Roof if you think your students have too many paper assessments they have to take. Lower the Floor if you might share this with a colleague.

22 “I tell you and you forget, I show you and you remember, I involve you and you understand.” ~~Confucious


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