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Empowering marginalised groups through adult education Slovenian Adult Education Institute.

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1 Empowering marginalised groups through adult education Slovenian Adult Education Institute

2 DEMOCRATION EDUCATION OF ADULT PEOLPE Scholastic Model Social Model. Instruction. Only formal learning. Dependent student. Closed curriculum model. Focused on teachers. Burocrathic, rigid and standarized organization. Learning. Importance of the non-formal Learning based in experience. Educate for change. Open Curriculum. Focused on the participants. Autonomous and participative organization

3 The Social and Educative Model of the Democratic Education of Adult People Education is an instrument for overcoming social, economic and cultural inequalities One of its main objectives is fighting for the universal access of underprivileged people, eradicating age, gender, class, educational level and ethnic barriers.

4 DEA Democratic Adult Education Educators Univesity teachers Group 90 Asociations and colectives in Adult Education REDA Democratic Adult Education Net Territorial associations Of pedagogic renovation Territorial Federations of Adult Education

5 RADICALIZING DEMOCRACY MANAGEMENT OF THE EDUCATION Participant people take decisions that had tradicionally been taken by learned people The Assembly is the main decision making organism

6 RADICALIZING DEMOCRACY MANAGEMENT OF THE EDUCATION The participant people occupy leadership and responsaility places in the management organisms Apear as valid interlocutor with national and international Administrations

7 RADICALIZING DEMOCRACY ORGANIZACIÓN General Assembly Monthly meeting Activity groups

8 RADICALIZING DEMOCRACY ORGANIZATION Working commissions Coordination meeting Full time staff

9 SOLIDARITY AND LEARNING Learning by the own experience and reflection Among associations: by carrying out Seminars, Workshops and Formative Activities Among participants: interactives and dialogic learning

10 ASSOCIATIVE INTERCHANGES “Trijornadas” Summer Schools Conferences

11 SOME CONFAPEA’S ASSOCIATIONS CONFAPEA is grown by participant asociations of adult learning schools, women associations, cultural associations where a very diverse origines people are participating:. Agora and Heura. Mujeres Lorquianas de Fuentevaqueros. Asociación Paulo Freire (Vitoria).. Dones en Forma de Torrellobeta. Asociación Cultura Viva Sanboiana.. Asociación Cultural Ujaranza / Akatarí Lajará Ujaranza. Asociación Drom Kotar Mestipén (Camino de Libertad)...

12 INTERACTIVE SPACES OF PARTICIPATION Asamblea Virtual de la CONFAPEA: Women groups Multiculural group Young groups

13 CONGRESSES OF PARTICIPANT PEOPLE IN LITERACY 1999. Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona) Organized by FACEPA and the “ Asociación Cultura Viva ” 2000. Centelles (Girona). Organized by FACEPA and the participants in the adult education centre of Centelles. 2001.Vitoria-Gasteiz (Euskadi). Organized by CONFAPEA and the Cultural Association Paulo Freire. 2002. Vigo (Galicia). Organized by CONFAPEA and the Association of students and exstudens of the EPA Artes y Oficios. 2003.Fuente Vaqueros-Granada (Andalucia). Organized by CONFAPEA and the Association of Lorquian Women of Fuente Vaqueros.

14 Thousands of Dialogic Literary Circles in the world DIALOGIC LITERARY CIRCLES Two criteria characterize this literary circles: The reading chosed are of the Classic Universal Literature It is given priority the participation of the adult peolpe without academic degree. “The DLC, through their methodology, the dialogic learning, permits that the persons who haven’t read any book enjoy theirselves with the classic literature books” The DLC produces a lot of participation, as well as persons that haven’t gone to the university are reading authors like Garcia Lorca, Miguel Hernández, Skakespeare, Córtazar, Wolf...

15 INTERNATIONAL PROJECTION OF THE DLC Has been recognised internationaly for be a educative and cultural activity that brokes with the cultural prejudices. University of Massachussets(USA). Harvard University (USA) Universidad de Sao Carlos (BRA) Victorian Centre of the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Australian Research (VCALNAR.Australia) We like very much that people are interested in the literary circle and that theseones have achieved so success. I woul like to assist to your congress because your workplan is too extraordinary and necessary to take consciens about our individuality in a society that we are trying to be more and more solidary. Jose Saramago, Literature Nobel Award

16 EUROPEAN PROJECTS ABOUT DLC Gathering in the Cyberspace I i II (1999-2002). Agora Association. Creation of DLC in France, Denmark and Chez Republic European Multicultural Dialogue. FACEPA.

17 MORE EUROPEAN PROJECTS Bill project. European Chart of Participant's Rights in Adult Education. 1997-1998 Participe and transforme: an Adult People education model trhought the dialogue. “ Modelo de Educaci ó n de Personas Adultas a trav é s del di á logo. MEPA ”. 1999-2000 To MEPA to MEDA: the adult people education to democratic adult people education. “ De MEPA a MEDA: de la Educaci ó n de Personas Adultas a la Educaci ó n Democr á tica de Personas Adultas ”. 2000-2001 Citizenship for all since the participation, the adult people education and volunteering. “ Trobada ”. Ciudadan í a para todos y todas, desde la participaci ó n, la educaci ó n b á sica de personas adultas y el voluntariado. 2000-2002. Who Speaks? The voices of immigrants on adult education. ( ¿ Quien Habla? La voz de las personas inmigrantes en la educaci ó n de personas adultas) 2001-2003. MOSAIC. Model of Consuling and welcoming of immigrant people. “ Modelo de asesoramiento y acogida para personas inmigrantes ”. 2002- 2004 GEQUA. Gender and quality in the adult people education. “ Genero y calidad en la educaci ó n de personas adultas ” (2002-2003) PYDOP I y PYDOP II. Access to learning opportunities to young in exclusion situation. Acceso a oportunidades de aprendizaje para j ó venes en situaci ó n de exclusi ó n en Europa (2001-2002; 2002-2003)


19 MULTICULTURAL GROUP OF FACEPA PROYECTO WHO SPEAKS: OBJECTIVE: To contribute to the participation of ethnic minority people in the public debate about the adult peolpe education, contributing to improve the education that receives these groups.

20 ... This is the way to achieve... “learning more, share spaces of dialogue, fight for our rights and ilusions... Thisone has transformed us, we feel capables to learn more things and to follow fighting for achive more. A lo of people changes ourslef concept. In this way feeling diferent our relation wit the people and our enviorment. Day after day we confirm that this is the way to improve the barriers that were excluding us of the education and social participation”.

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