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Cindy Gross CAT PM SQL, BI, Big Data HDInsight: Jiving about Hadoop and Hive with CAT

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1 Cindy Gross CAT PM SQL, BI, Big Data HDInsight: Jiving about Hadoop and Hive with CAT @SQLCindy

2 Why are we here? Objectives  Quick Overview: Big Data, Hadoop, HDInsight, Open Source  What Hive is  Why Hive for Hadoop?  Why Hive for SQL Pros?  How Hive fits into Hadoop/HDInsight  Hive is better together with SQL, AS, BI Key Takeaways  How Hive fits  Hive DDL and DML  Formats, Structure  Storage options

3 Big Data

4 How do I optimize my fleet based on weather and traffic patterns? SOCIAL & WEB ANALYTICS LIVE DATA FEEDS ADVANCED ANALYTICS What’s the social sentiment for my brand or products How do I better predict future outcomes?

5 Massive Volumes Processes 464 billion rows per quarter, with average query time under 10 secs. Cloud Connectivity Connects across 15 social networks via the cloud for data and API access Real-Time Insight Improves operational decision making for IT managers and users

6 Cloud (Azure) Flexibility + On-Premises Option Big Data Technologies

7 How it fits together Open Source Community We Consume Code We Contribute Code Core Code Same Across Distributions Apache Hadoop Microsoft Partner Heavy Contributors to Open Source Hadoop Trusted in Open Source Community Hortonworks HDInsight Service, HDInsight Server Built on Hortonworks Platform Additional Functionality HDInsight

8 Distributed Storage (HDFS) Query (Hive) Distributed Processing (MapReduce) Scripting (Pig) NoSQL Database (HBase) Metadata (HCatalog) Data Integration ( ODBC / SQOOP/ REST) Machine Learning (Mahout) Graph (Pegasus) Stats processing (RHadoop) Event Pipeline (Flume) Pipeline / Workflow (Oozie) HDInsight / Hadoop Architecture Legend Red = Core Hadoop Blue = Data processing Purple = Microsoft integration points and value adds Yellow = Data Movement Green = Packages White = Coming Soon

9 Hive Hadoop Hive Architecture

10 Microsoft Confidential Enables BI tools via ODBC, structure Structure without full relational modeling Familiar HiveQL - skillset reuse Simplifies Hadoop data access Why Hive for Hadoop?

11 Microsoft Confidential Batch oriented Data Warehouse focused Entire data sets (table scans) Generates/runs MapReduce (not faster than MR!) Limited indexing, no stats, no cache Programmer is the optimizer Append only (mostly) Hive Characteristics

12 Microsoft Confidential Someone in your org will be doing it, why not you? Fit projects to appropriate tech Adds to, complements SQL, AS, BI New opportunities for biz and for you Explore, archive, prototype, pre-aggregate, refine algorithms, some self-service Why Hive for SQL Pros?

13 Microsoft Confidential Updates, OLTP, ACID Subsets, indexes/aggs, built-in optimizer, caching Apps, data, structure, infrastructure already exists Each query has to be fast You know what you need to know Where it makes sense SQL/AS still needed for….


15 Not Partitioned CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE baconUnPart (type string COMMENT 'type of bacon') COMMENT 'SQL Bacon!' ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED BY '\t' STORED AS TEXTFILE LOCATION '/user/demo/bacon'; Partitioned CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE baconPart (type string COMMENT 'type of bacon strips') COMMENT 'SQL Bacon strips' PARTITIONED BY (year string) ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED BY '\t' STORED AS TEXTFILE; ALTER TABLE baconPart ADD PARTITION (Year = ‘1’) LOCATION '/user/demo/bacon1'; ALTER TABLE baconPart ADD PARTITION (Year = ‘2’) LOCATION '/user/demo/bacon2'; Create Table


17 Metadata is stored in a MetaStore database such as Derby SQL Azure SQL Server See Schema SHOW TABLES 'ba.*'; DESCRIBE baconunpart; DESCRIBE baconunpat.type; DESCRIBE EXTENDED baconunpart; DESCRIBE FORMATTED baconunpart; SHOW FUNCTIONS "x.*"; SHOW FORMATTED INDEXES ON baconunpart; MetaData

18 Primitives Numbers: Int, SmallInt, TinyInt, BigInt, Float, Double Characters: String Special: Binary, Timestamp Collections STRUCT | Struct (‘Boise’, ‘Idaho’) ARRAY | Array (‘Boise’, ‘Idaho’) MAP | Map (‘City’, ‘Boise’, ‘State’, ‘Idaho’) UNIONTYPE Properties No fixed string lengths NULL handling depends on SerDe Data Types

19 CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE baconUnPart(…) LOCATION '/user/demo/bacon'; LOCATION ‘hdfs:///user/demo/bacon'; LOCATION ‘asv://user/demo/bacon'; Use EXTERNAL when Data also used outside of Hive Data needs to remain even after a DROP TABLE Use custom location such as ASV Hive should not own data and control settings, dirs, etc. Use INTERNAL when You want Hive to manage the data and storage Short term usage Creating table based on existing table (AS SELECT) Storage – External and Internal

20 CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE baconPart (…) PARTIONED BY (Year string) CLUSTERED BY (type) into 256 BUCKETS Partition Directory for each distinct combo of string partition values Partition key name cannot be defined in table itself Allows partition elimination Useful in range searches Can slow performance if partition is not referenced in query Buckets Split data based on hash of a column One HDFS file per bucket within partition sub-directory Performance may improve for aggregates and join queries Sampling set hive.enforce.bucketing = true; Storage – Partition and Bucket

21 CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE baconPart (…) ROW FORMAT DELIMITED FIELDS TERMINATED by ‘\001‘ STORED AS TEXTFILE, RCFILE, SEQUENCEFILE, AVRO Format Generally remove headers before loading files TEXTFILE is common, useful when data is shared and alphanumeric Extensible storage formats via custom input, output formats Extensible on disk/in-memory representation via custom SerDes Storage – File Formats

22 CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE CustomSerDeUsage(…) ROW FORMAT SERDE 'com.cloudera.hive.serde.JSONSerDe' LOCATION …. SerDes Create your own Java Serialization/Deserialization Includes parse input/output, optimization Usually overrides CREATE TABLE DDL Common SerDes: CSV, XML, JSON, Custom Library: org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2 Storage – SerDes

23 ASV:// HDFS:///user/demo/ Storage Format HDFS is Hadoop distributed file system ASV is Azure Storage Vault using an API on top of HDFS ASV allows reuse across clusters and with other apps ASV data quickly available to new HDInsight clusters Storage – HDFS and ASV

24 CREATE INDEX baconPart_idx ON TABLE baconPart (type) AS 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.index.compact.CompactIndexHandler' WITH DEFERRED REBUILD IN TABLE baconPart_index; ALTER INDEX baconPart_idx ON baconPart REBUILD; Key Points No keys Index data is another table Requires REBUILD to include new data SHOW FORMATTED INDEXES on MyTable; Indexing May Help Avoid many small partitions GROUP BY CREATE INDEX

25 CREATE VIEW baconOneYear (type) AS SELECT type FROM baconPart WHERE year = 1 ORDER BY type; Sample Code SELECT * FROM baconOneYear; DESCRIBE FORMATTED baconOneYear; Key Points Not materialized Can have ORDER BY or LIMIT Create View


27 SELECT c.state_fips, c.county_fips, c.population FROM census c WHERE c.median_household_income > 100000 GROUP BY c.state_fips, c.county_fips, c.population ORDER BY county_fips LIMIT 100; Key Points Minimal caching, statistics, or optimizer Generally reads entire data set for every query Performance The order of columns, tables can make a difference to performance Use partition elimination for range filtering Query

28 ORDER BY One reducer does final sort, can be a big bottleneck SORT BY Sorted only within each reducer, much faster DISTRIBUTE BY Determines how map data is distributed to reducers SORT BY + DISTRIBUTE BY = CLUSTER BY Can mimic ORDER BY, better perf if even distribution Sorting

29 Supported Hive Join Types Equality OUTER - LEFT, RIGHT, FULL LEFT SEMI Not Supported Non-Equality IN/EXISTS subqueries (rewrite as LEFT SEMI JOIN) Characteristics Multiple MapReduce jobs unless same join columns in all tables Put largest table last in query to save memory Joins are done left to right in query order JOIN ON completely evaluated before WHERE starts Joins

30 EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM baconPart; EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM baconPart WHERE year > 1; EXPLAIN EXTENDED SELECT * FROM baconPart; Characteristics Does not execute the query Shows parsing Lists stages, temp files, dependencies, modes, output operators, etc. ABSTRACT SYNTAX TREE: (TOK_QUERY (TOK_FROM (TOK_TABREF (TOK_TABNAME baconPart))) (TOK_INSERT (TOK_DESTINATION (TOK_DIR TOK_TMP_FIL E)) (TOK_SELECT (TOK_SELEXPR TOK_ALLCOLREF)))) STAGE DEPENDENCIES: Stage-0 is a root stage STAGE PLANS: Stage: Stage-0 Fetch Operator limit: -1 EXPLAIN


32 Configuration cd %hive_home%\bin currently: C:\Hadoop\hadoop-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT Hive default configuration /conf/hive-default.xml Configuration variables /conf/hive-site.xml Hive configuration directory HIVE_CONF_DIR environment variable Log4j configuration /conf/ Typical Log: c:\Hadoop\hive-0.9.0\logs\hive.log Configure Hive


34 BUZZ! BI on Big Data Cross-pollinate your existing SQL skills! Makes Hadoop cross-correlations, joins, filters easier Allows storage of intermediate results for faster/easier querying Batch based processing E2E insight may be much faster Get the right projects on the right technologies Why Use Hive

35 Get Involved Read a bit resources.aspx Programming Hive Book Subscribe to Windows Azure HDInsight Service (Cloud CTP) Download Microsoft HDInsight Server (On-Prem CTP) Think about how you can fit Big Data into your company data strategy Suggest uses, be prepared to combat misuses Next Steps

36 Microsoft Big Data Denny Lee Carl Nolan Cindy Gross Big Data References Hadoop: The Definitive Guide by Tom White SQL Server Sqoop JavaScript Twitter!/search/%23bigdata!/search/%23bigdata Hive Excel to Hadoop via Hive ODBC Hadoop On Azure Videos Klout

37 What we covered Objectives  Quick Overview: Big Data, Hadoop, HDInsight, Open Source  What Hive is  Why Hive for Hadoop?  Why Hive for SQL Pros?  How Hive fits into Hadoop/HDInsight  Hive is better together with SQL, AS, BI Key Takeaways  How Hive fits  Hive DDL and DML  Formats, Structure  Storage options

38 Cindy Gross CAT PM SQL, BI, Big Data HDInsight: Jiving about Hadoop and Hive with CAT @SQLCindy

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