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Author Mrs. Carol McCloud Another Book by Mrs. McCloud.

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2 Author Mrs. Carol McCloud

3 Another Book by Mrs. McCloud

4 Illustrator Mr. David Messing

5 More Books Illustrated by David Messing

6 Are You A Bucket Filler Or A Bucket Dipper?

7 I am a bucket filler! Dear ____________________ _________________________ Name ____________________

8 happiness bully invisible neighbors purpose ignore kind caring invite neighborhood feelings VOCABULARY Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

9 Segment spoken one-syllable words of three to five phonemes into individual phonemes Use common syllabication patterns to decode words Use knowledge of the meanings of base words to identify and read compound words Identify and read contractions Identify and sort words into conceptual categories Identify and use antonyms, synonyms, homographs and homophones Complete analogies using knowledge of synonyms and antonyms Alphabetize a series of words and use a dictionary or use a glossary to find words Describe characters in a story and the reason for their actions and feelings Describe the interaction of character including their relationships and the changes they undergo. Explain the roles and functions of characters in various plots, including their relationships and conflicts (These are all straight from the new Language Arts TEKs. They vary in wording and depth based on grade level expectations.)

10 Compound Words: yourselfsomethingsomeoneneighborhoodeveryoneGrandpaaroundbecome Contractions:doesn’tyou’reyou’llthey’recan’tthat’sit’s

11 the quality of being happy, joy or content

12 a person that bothers, picks on or intimidates other people on a regular basis a person that bothers, picks on or intimidates other people on a regular basis

13 out of sight or hidden

14 people that live near another person

15 the reason for which something is done, made or used

16 to not look, notice or recognize

17 being considerate or helpful

18 showing concern or attention to someone or something

19 to request to come to or go some place

20 the region or area around some place

21 Emotions, thoughts, opinions or attitudes

22 If your mom is tired from a hard day tonight, how could you fill her bucket? When you are feeling a little sad or lonely, how can you feel your own bucket? If you saw a younger student in the hall crying, what could you do to fill their bucket? Next time you have a new student join your class, how can you fill their bucket? What could you do today when you get on the bus to fill your driver’s bucket? When you see a boy on the playground playing by himself, how can you fill his bucket? How might you fill your teacher’s bucket today? How can you help our custodian or cafeteria ladies, fill up their buckets?

23 TEACHER RESOURCES – Bucket lessons - Civil War or friendship - punctuation – goal setting – slavery & questioning McCloud/e/9780978507510/?itm=1 McCloud/e/9780978507510/?itm=1 – book reviews – more reviews

24 I am a bucket filler! Dear ____________________ _________________________ Name ____________________ I am a bucket filler! Dear ____________________ _________________________ Name ____________________ I am a bucket filler! Dear ____________________ _________________________ Name ____________________ I am a bucket filler! Dear ____________________ _________________________ Name ____________________





29 When you’re a bucket filler, you make your home, your school, and your neighborhood better places to be.

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