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Recommendation of an English Book For S.1 Discussion.

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1 Recommendation of an English Book For S.1 Discussion

2 Discussion Task You are going to recommend an interesting and meaningful English book to S.1 students. Which book would you recommend and why?

3 Activity One: Needs of S.1 students What are their problems in learning English? Draw a mindmap.

4 Activity Two: Pair Work Explain to your neighbours about the problems which you have identified. Beginning with:  I find that most S.1 students have some problems when they are learning English.  To commence with,  In addition,  Last but not least,

5 Activity Three: Advantages of reading an English book to learn English Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Advantage 3

6 Activity Four: Can your book help them? Title of your book Interesting and meaningful content? Outstanding Characters? Advantages of reading the book? problems?

7 Activity Five: Role Play Student A is the S.1 student. You need to tell the other S.5 students your problems. Students B, C and D are the S.5 students who have just finished reading a book and they will give some ideas about using an English book to improve students’ language proficiency.

8 Useful Phrases Starting the discussion  Are you all ready? Let’s start our discussion now. Introducing the topic for discussion  Our English teacher would like us to recommend a meaningful and interesting book for the S.1. Putting forward your opinions + Reasons and Examples  I would like to recommend XXX because it is XXX. The book is about … I am sure those S.1 students would find it interesting and meaningful. Inviting others to comment  What do you think? Agreeing/ Disagreeing + reasons  I am afraid I can’t agree with you. Your book is too XXX

9 Activity Six Student D is an S.1 student who does not know how to improve his/her English proficiency. Students A, B and C will give some hints on how to do it

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