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Group Wellness Program 60-DAY. Akea’s BluePrint for Life THE KEY TO slower aging and longer life.

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1 Group Wellness Program 60-DAY

2 Akea’s BluePrint for Life THE KEY TO slower aging and longer life

3 Akea’s BluePrint for Life

4 Harvard University Duke University The Italian Government longevity HOT SPOTS research National Institute on Aging National Geographic

5 Longevity Hot Spots There are factors common to all the Hot Spots We can apply those factors to our own lives It is never too late or too early to start

6 The 5 Principles of the BluePrint for Life

7 Eating

8 How we used to eat

9 Unnatural Food

10 Natural Food

11 Healthy Eating Principles Fruit: approximately 2-3 pieces daily Vegetables: 6 servings daily Whole grains: daily or most days Proteins: with every meal and snack Monounsaturated fats: daily or most days (from olive oil, avocados, nuts) Omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids: every day (from oily fish and from seeds) Water: several glasses daily

12 SOURCES OF Monounsaturated Fats

13 SOURCES OF Essential Fatty Acids

14 Foods to Exclude or Restrict Some foods are hazardous to health. These are very prevalent in our diet today. They may be some of your favorite foods! They are usually addictive and leave you wanting more. They can affect your DNA and that of your children, so that their children are adversely affected by the foods you eat!

15 Sugar

16 White Bread

17 Alcohol/Liquor

18 Organic red wine or rice wine is drunk in the Hot Spots, in small quantities and always with a meal. Red wine contains antioxidants, including a powerful one called resveratrol. Wine can also be relaxing and lower blood pressure. Therefore, there are pros and cons to drinking wine – choose organic and keep to small quantities only if you do drink alcohol. Avoid or restrict beer and spirits. Alcohol/Liquor

19 Coffee

20 Spoiled Fats

21 Common Cooking Oil

22 If you must cook with oil, use olive oil or ground nut oil as they are more stable. Keep at a low temperature as they contain some polyunsaturates. High-oleic sunflower oil – safer than ordinary sunflower oil Coconut oil – safe Pork fat – safe Common Cooking Oil

23 Hydrogenated fats and trans fats

24 Trans fats and hydrogenated fats have had their molecular structure altered to prevent the fats from going rancid and give them a longer shelf life. Hydrogenated fats also add a satisfying chewy texture to food. These fats are incompatible with our biochemistry and interfere with our cell membrane structure. They are hazardous to health and are starting to become banned. Hydrogenated fats and trans fats

25 Saturated Fat

26 The BluePrint for Life: Lifestyle Factors

27 Movement

28 In the Hot Spots, people keep moving all day long. Shepherding, walking up the hill to get somewhere, practicing martial arts, dancing, swimming, rowing, fishing, gardening, playing polo. Movement and exercise are highly beneficial. A sedentary life is hazardous to health. Movement

29 Purpose

30 In the Hot Spots, people have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. – Looking after the family, tending the vegetables, catching fish, doing the chores. Everyone has something to do and they must do it in order to survive so they have a sense of purpose. They enjoy their work in the Hot Spots. Older people are respected and continue to work long past ‘retirement age’. Keeping busy and active in youth, middle age, and in old age is good for physical and mental health. Purpose


32 Connection

33 In the Hot Spots people tend to live in large extended families. They have a sense of belonging and of being loved and cherished. People also live in close-knit communities. Crime rates are low or non-existent. There is a culture of being reciprocal – in Okinawa, people leave meals on the doorstep for others if they need it. Connection

34 Relaxation

35 Avoiding stress is part of the BluePrint for Life. People are not stressed in the Hot Spots. They know how to rest and take time out, even though they are busy and hardworking. In some Hot Spots, they have a siesta in the middle of the day. Stress – high blood pressure and high cortisol = aging. Finding a way to manage or avoid stress is an important part of staying healthy. Relaxation

36 ACTIVITY How did you incorporate the 5 Principles of the BluePrint for Life this week? Make a plan of action the your Wellness Accountability Partner.

37 NEXT WEEK: Breakfast like a King

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