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Jupsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company)

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1 Jupsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company)

2 In the era of Information Technology, when everything else around you in empower by IT, you too needs its strength to withstand the challenges of time. IT revolves round not only the IT Companies, but every organization in the world needs its advantages. Empower yourself by the latest IT solutions and ensure a smooth sail in the corporate world. If the management strategies of your institution are outdated or not longer working for you the way you wants, we offer you the power of IT. Lead ahead of time and prepare yourselves for the impending future. Blending human expertise and the technological advantages, we create IT solutions catering to your needs in the modern world. Transforming Ideas into Solutions

3  Student profile (With Student Image)  Daily Attendance (Display in Calendar View)  Fee Dues  Library Dues  Report Cards (Supports CCE)  Message from teachers  Worksheets  Circulars  Online Notice Board  Assignments  School Diary/almanac  Online Query  Online leave application  Discussion forum  Internal messaging system  SMS System  Holidays Lists  School Time Table etc. SISOnline at a glance…

4 Interactivity Structure The SISOnline is a comprehensive student information management system developed from the ground up to fulfill the needs of independent schools as they guide their students to success. This is a three way interaction between all the three stake holders namely the Parents, The Teachers and the Students.

5  Easy to use  Reliable and secure software  Affordable  Complete Automation of operations  More Time to focus on Strategic Tasks  Better informed decision making for management  Customizable and Supports Benefits to School

6  Parents have access to all academic information  Effective communication between teachers, parents and students through SMS and e-mail Creation of school's tech savvy image  Complete automation of all operations  Centrally stored information with zero redundancy  Easy performance monitoring of individual Subjects  Automated and quick report generation  User friendly interface requiring minimal learning  Elimination of people-dependent processes  Case study helps to analysis student behavior.  This system helps in career counseling as it gives data performance analysis chart for last 12 years. Benefits to Parents

7 Facilities to Parents  Daily Attendance  Progress report  Fee Dues  Prior information about school events and holidays  Regular and prompt availability of school updates through articles  Discussion forums  Image gallery  Online Leave application  Online Query  Messaging.  Feedback System

8 Facilities to Teachers  Daily Attendance  Message from Teachers  School circulars  Notices/ General Announcements  Date Sheets  Results/Student evaluation system  Assignments  Report cards  Events  Image Gallery  Holidays Lists  School Time Table etc.  Feedback System

9 Facilities to Students  Student profile  Attendance  Fee Dues  Library Dues  Results/Report Cards  Messages from teachers  Worksheets  Notice Board  Assignments  Online Query  Online Leave application  discussion forum  internal messaging system

10  Most of our customers have remained as loyal customers over the years. They have recognized the value they receive from our services, the reliability of the services delivered to them and the strict adherence to deadlines that ensures that their business development blueprint is never jeopardized. Reliability

11 Provide cost effective high quality innovative solutions & services, powered by state of the art technologies, anchored on our basic principles of: Explore Innovate Improve Our Mission

12  Total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and total involvement.  Constantly and consistently deliver products and services of highest quality.  Keep pace with change and continuously strive for innovation while keeping in step with modern technology and methodology. Our core value centers on total customer satisfaction and quest towards ensuring good corporate citizenship. Our Values

13 Use Online System Avoid using Papers Save Trees “Stop Global Warming” Save our Planet Be a part of green revolution Our Green efforts towards conservation and sustainable Growth

14 Thank you Jupsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) Website :, Email : Ph : 0-9871700064

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