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CONFIDENTIAL … a potential for ISYS to LEAD, Bringing This World, The Next ALAM! 1425 Hijrah THE NEXT MA’LAM YA’LAM.

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1 CONFIDENTIAL HTTP://University.Sourceforge.Net/ … a potential for ISYS to LEAD, Bringing This World, The Next ALAM! 1425 Hijrah THE NEXT MA’LAM YA’LAM A BLUEPRINT FOR HARVESTING OPEN SOURCE’ NEW WEALTH NOW YOU KNOW …

2 OPEN SOURCE has never been fully understood by Govt. Insitutions and IT Companies in Malaysia. It NEEDS a Paradigm Shift. It’s an ALIEN Dialetic. Its NOT about Giving Away or Cutting Cost. “How do we make money if we give software away?” ….Software Peddlers SIMPLE ANSWER : “The MiddleMan is Replaced by Point to Point Protocol – The REAL Tsunami.” “Developers become KING. How do IT Companies make money?” SIMPLE ANSWER :“Don’t Be An IT Company. Be A Services Company. “But Everyone is Going Open Source. Are we into another Rat Race?” SIMPLE ANSWER :“NOT if you Brand yourself. Carve Your Niche. It has always been Branding, Stupid” 1 “Don’t I Need Expensive IT People? I am not IT-Literate” SIMPLE ANSWER :“You Start, They Finish. 10% + 90% RULE”

3 Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia’s Gift to the World E xist E xtend E xecute Infrastructure Content/7 Flagship Applications Attract World Class Companies (Year 2000) Leapfrog into e-Malaysia (Year 2005 to Year 2020) Connect to other corridors THE DIGITAL DIVIDE MSC is 11 years old, outmoded. We are NOT where we say we are. The World Has Gone Ahead. Our Target Should Move. ISYS Has This Golden Chance To Break Off The Pack And Save The Dream! GOVERNMENT COMMERCIAL ENTITIES MALAYSIA INCORPORATED SOCIETY Access Infrastructure Content & Application Infrastructure Fulfillment Infrastructure E-STRUCTURE PC PenetrationISP AccessLocal Content & Applications E-Commerce Applications Goods Delivery Payment System 2 X X! XXX

4 20002001200220032004200520062007200820092010 North America Western Europe Latin America Eastern Europe Africa and Middle East Weighted average First country Last country Year for B2B hypergrowth  Japan, Republic of Korea and Hong Kong lead  Malaysia hits hypergrowth in 2004 along with Thailand  Malaysia’s online exports goes from US$800 m in 2001 growing to US$12.8 billion in 2004 Asia Pacific As Nations Get Online and Accept Open Source, The Branding Window For First-Movers Closes

5 At Every Tsunami, Disruption Abhors Itself, Calmness Returns, To Await The Next Position Yourself Ahead of That Tsunami, or right in the Middle of it. The STONE Age A Stone Means A Weapon, A Tool Many A New Alam The ATOMIC Age The Sub-Physicals Make More Powerful Weapons and Tools The CYBER Age Neuro-Sense Is The Weapon! You Are the Tool! The Language of What You Observe The Language of What You Understand The Language of What You Are Its NO Longer What You Observe Its NO Longer What You Understand IS A THOUSAND TIMES GREATER THAN THE LAST!

6 cost RM22 per month. Single-handed effort. Its Global and Growing! Objective: To Be Self-Organisnig Value Community – Brand Equity

7 The Best Medium for Positioning Original Intellectual Property Is In The World Wide Web BRAND LEADERSHIP Marketing TestingGrowingBranding Open Source Community Maximises IP wealth Major premise – stake a flag on IP ground, and grow SERVICES LEADERSHIP will be achieved when : 1.Valuable IP in demand is planted on the mountain. 2.Open sharing brings collaboration and patronage from the community. 3.Leadership commands high-worth consultancy support and contracts 4.Productisation and warranted service is institutionalised 4

8 Utilities Tools Customisation Implementation Application Application Server Database Operating System 1 st Release 2 nd Release New Process One time low cost savings high cost savings high cost savings COST VALUE SCALE Continuous sustenance We Will Focus On The High-Worth Aspects Of Ownership LINUX (3,000) ERP/CRM (300,000) MRP HealthCare Other verticals (3,000,000)

9 Branded Co. Value Proposition Total Cost of Ownership VALUE ON-SITE CONSULTANT Usd600 per day WORKSHOPS TRAINING Usd200 per day DVD Usd100 DIY free FORUMS effort Strategic Package Of services


11 In pursuing BRAND LEADERSHIP for the global scene, we have initiated several strategic initiatives for our tactical execution in achieving our Mission and Vision. Our Mission is to be a World-Class Provider of Open Source Confidence, Services and Warranted Support Our Vision is to command 2% or Global Market, 20% of local Market in OS Services Our Strategy Storm the playing field in promoting Open Source Leadership through BAZAAR effect and IP Planting. Devise and implement a strategy to address Learning Gap in Implementing Open Source Apps. Productise Implementation and Support Services both on the ground and via the Web Value add IP on other Open Source Applications - ERP, MRP, Health-Care Provide a strong implementation expert force to handle Project Implementations Leverage on group corporate strengths and Marketplace position to kickstart a baseline of sustenance Tactical Execution – Our Projects 5

12 In order to be No.1, we THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL, Value of ERP Projects25% Value of University/Colleges Projects20% Value of Open Source Consultancy 10% Value of IT Implementation 20% Value of Certified Training Courses20% Value of Materials Sold 5% LOCAL MARKET Value of ERP Projects10% Value of University/Colleges Projects10% Value of Open Source Consultancy 5% Value of IT Implementation 5% Value of Certified Training Courses40% Value of Materials Sold30% GLOBAL MARKET 6 20% 2%

13 The program benefits all parties, and more importantly the model and the experience can be replicated and exported to other third world countries as the MSC export and Malaysia’s gift to the world. Benefits to Inhouse Developers Self-driven and appreciation of effort Growing Community of Collaborators and Adopters Decreasing Burden of Going Alone Telecommuting Freedom to Work Anywhere, Anytime Benefits to the Company Increasing Global Brand Presence Align Capability & Expertise Reusable Support and Services Low-Cost of Intellectual Capital Benefits to Group Flagship Star to enhance Group Corporate Image Strategic Intra-Alliance for Value Offer to World Worldwide Marketing to SBUs Benefits to Malaysia A model for harnessing Human Capital A Hub of Reference for Open Source Projects Opportunities for Local Talent Aprenticeship for Local Unemployed Siswazah Telecommuting Way of Life A quantum leap into e-Malaysia Blueprint can be replicated to other countries as MSC export MSC’s gift to the World Critical Success Factors A Spirit of Sharing An Attitude of Ahange A Team Group Support Sharp Focus Heavy Planning 9

14 Addon HR Apps, Internationalisation, Commercial Services Establish Local OS Mindshare, Govt. Tenders IPO Floatation IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP The FINAL Solution Is Where ISYS Does Only ONE Thing & Does It Well. Then We Have A World-Class Brand. University Project Core Packages Big Bang Launch & of ISYS Open Source Supremacy In Original Branded IP Suite & Bazaar Value Diversification into downstream specialisation 1 st Quarter2 nd Quarter3 rd Quarter4th Quarter 20052006 2007 2 nd Round of IP discovery 10 Integration to OS ERP. E-Learning Support Branding Journey

15 Thank You For Your Time Questions & Answers

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