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The service quality of Yuan-Tsui~ Final report Professor: Dr. James Stanworth The group names: 4900F007 Wendy 4900F041 Amy 4900F043 Jessica 4900F058 Joyce.

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2 The service quality of Yuan-Tsui~ Final report Professor: Dr. James Stanworth The group names: 4900F007 Wendy 4900F041 Amy 4900F043 Jessica 4900F058 Joyce Date: May 27 2005

3 Section 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Aims 3.0 Method 4.0 Findings 5.0 Conclusions and recommendations

4 1.0 Introduction- Service blueprints (the flowchart)  Service design is a complex task requires an understanding of how the core and supplementary services are combined to create a product offering that meets the needs of target customers.  To develop a blueprint, we need to be able to identify all of the key activities involved the front stage and the back stage.  And we analyze the blueprint, managers are often able to identify potential fail points in the service delivery process where there is a significant risk of problems that can hurt service quality.

5 1.0 Introduction- Flower of service  Core product  Facilitating supplementary services Information Order taking Billing Payment  Enhancing supplementary services Consultation Hospitality Safekeeping Exceptions

6 1.0 Introduction- The cycle of service  The feeling we entered and purchased the product in Yuan-Tsui, and understand the process of the service they provide.  As customers we think about service “ a moment of truth ” at a time. A moment of truth is the point where customers come into contact with service employees.  Understand if the service of Y-T provided that make customers satisfy.  We made this cycle of service in order to let the manager of Y-T know which steps need to improve.

7 1.0 Introduction- Yuan-Tsui bread store  Established since 2000  Located opposite to Kun-Shan University  Target customers: Students & Teachers  They aim at nutrition, practicing hygiene and good quality.

8 2.0 Aims  Design the cycle of the service in order Understand which step the customer dissatisfy, the manager could base on this problem to improve.  Design the blueprint Analyzing existing services and planning new ones, understand the process between the front stage and the backstage then identify potential fail points.  Understand the definition of the core product, the facilitating service and the enhancing service. (The flower of the service)  Combining the cycle of the service, the blueprint and the flower of the service, we find the fail points and give some suggestions.

9 3.0 Method Step1. Read the midterm project again Step2. We interview the manager of Yuan-Tsui Step3. Design the cycle of service Step4. Design the flower of service Step5. Design the blueprint Step6. Discuss with our supervisor, Dr. Stanworth. Step7. Design the cycle of service again Step8. Design the blueprint again. Step9. Design a new flower of service. Step10. Link our midterm report, the cycle of service and the blueprint. Step11. Think some conclusions and suggestions. Step12. Write report and prepare presentation

10 4.0 Finding-The cycle of the service Cycle of service Finding the parking lot. Enter Yuan-Tsui.. Take the serving trays and tongs. See many breads, it looks delicious. Chose the variety of the bread. See the special price of the product in the porter. The staff put the bread on the shelf but they didn’t have good attitude to say “Excuse me.” Customer asks the price of the bread, the attitude of the staff is normally conversation. Customer decides which bread they want to buy. Customer walk to the counter. The path is too narrow. The staff ask do we need to cut the bread. The staff pack and notify the price to customer at the same time. Customer pay by cash, the staff give the right change back. Depart. The path is narrow.

11 4.0 Finding- Flower of services-1  The facilitating services Information Advertisement: Poster. (Posts on the door.) Send out DM Establish their own website. Word of mouth (By friends and family.) Matching community and school ’ s activities catch customers ’ eyes. Price ticket and opening hours can print it on the paper by the computer. Order taking Order cakes and lunch pail. Billing The staff will calculate and notify the price as customer purchase. Payment Customers check the price as staff said, then pay and take the receipt.

12 4.0 Finding- Flower of services-2  Enhancing supplementary services C onsultation 1. Customers can ask any information to staff. For example: the ingredient. Hospitality 1. Say “ Welcome ” and “ Please come back again ” with smile. 2. Ask the demand of the customers proactively. Safekeeping 1.Y-T has good reputation on the products, customers feel safe to eat and have confidence to Yuan-Tsui. 2.Y-T could mark the direction of the safety exit. ( If there was a fire.) Exceptions 1.Promote special price when there is a Mother ’ s Day, or other festival days. 2.Promote special price or discount before half hour Y-T close. 3.Accumulate the price customers buy with a card.

13 4.0 Finding-The blueprint We will show you on those pieces of the paper.

14 5.0 Conclusions and recommendations  F1: Y-T doesn ’ t provide the parking lot. 1. Find a new space for customers to park and hire a person who takes care of the vehicle.  F2: The exterior of the building in Y-T is gray. 1. The building exterior needs to be bright.

15  F3 : It doesn ’ t provide freely flowing path. 1. Designs a new door to exit and the old door to enter. 2. Redesigns a new fresh bread store. 3. Designs a little space that could put customers ’ umbrellas when it rains.  F4 : Yuan-Tsui doesn ’ t provide the right eating date due. 1. The staff could put any information, and print it by computer.

16  F5 : The price is not clear and reasonable. 1. The discount ticket 2. Promote by season. 3. Some discount before Y-T close.  F6 : The staff don ’ t ask the demand of customers proactively. 1. Improve the training of the staff, 2. Vote election to chose the best staff. 3. Recruit and select people

17 Thank you for listening.

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