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School Meal Programs How do we pay for them? Alaska Child Nutrition Services.

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1 School Meal Programs How do we pay for them? Alaska Child Nutrition Services

2 The Purpose of the National School Lunch Program … to safeguard the health and well-being of the Nation s children … To ensure that children are ready to learn

3 Assess the Financial Health of your Food Service Enrollment by category – free, reduced, paid Meal prices Serving days Contract days – wages, hours, benefits Monthly Analysis of profit/loss

4 Analyze – Ask questions How much revenue from federal funding? Increasing? Decreasing? Enrollment changes Reduced participation MARKET your meals!

5 Revenues Federal Sources Payments for breakfast and lunch meals Federal cash reimbursements for snacks served in certain after school care programs Value of donated commodities Funds from other federal programs – like the fresh fruit and vegetable program

6 Analyze – Ask questions What percentage spent on food? Purchasing- bids, coops Economies of scale Correct Portion sizes Waste? Menu options

7 Analyze – Ask questions What percentage spent on labor? Assess Productivity equipment – old, broken disposables vs. washables timing of meal periods and preparation menu – convenience vs. scratch involve employees in problem solving training – resources

8 Labor Cost Hire part-time & reduce benefits Are meals per man-hour at optimum level? Strive for work simplification – Share ideas Ready prepared or scratch? Excessive break time

9 Tools for Management DAILY Production Records - monitor planned vs. actuals Portion control Pre-cost - post cost - leftovers? waste? Menu analysis – good or yuk! Required by reg.

10 Tools for Management Inventory Menu planning + inventory First in- first out Reduces loss Maximize limited storage Use while best quality – more acceptable

11 Reduce Food Costs Plan less expensive menus Use offer vs. Serve option Compare sources - share shipping Involve all employees Check pricing and costs monthly Evaluate substitutions Use USDA commodity foods Reduce waste Dont over-serve

12 Management by menu Planning, purchasing, production Serving & clean up Student participation - Likes & dislikes Use commodities whenever possible Portion control & standardized recipes Purchase by bid or request for prices Verify invoicing at the bid price Merchandise the menu with students Serve GOOD food with eye appeal

13 Eliminate losses due to theft Locate cashier at exit Train staff to observe Dont cash checks Dont allow leftovers to go home Maintain low inventory if possible Date products as delivered Keep storeroom locked- limit keys INVENTORY

14 Ways to Increase Revenue #1 Increase participation What does your customer want Market to parents, teachers, community and students Plan and adjust menus for quality Improve staff attitudes – Customer service! Keep an eye on changes in eligibility

15 Ways to Increase Revenue #2 Start a Breakfast Program Pre-cost menus – revenue Survey for need Make it EASY to prepare and eat Taste test with staff and kids Take the breakfast to the customer

16 Ways to Increase Revenue #3 Raise Prices Are they too low? Can you justify an increase? Will you lose customers? What is your competition?

17 Food Service Management Companies (FSMC) Plan ahead! Contact Child Nutrition Programs for information early in the process Good Option or NOT – get all the facts

18 Financial Management Training Opportunities for School Food Service Child Nutrition Services Web resources On-site training National Food Service Management Institute

19 Thank you!

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