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Blueprint to Success and Profit RYKO Winter Sales Meeting.

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1 Blueprint to Success and Profit RYKO Winter Sales Meeting

2 Blueprint to Success and Profit Create a guideline for the RYKO sales network Create a venue to present RYKO in a professional manner Touch on all important areas when considering vehicle wash systems

3 Table of Contents Marketing Advertising & Signage Demographics Special Promotions Equipment Product & Accessory Description Pro Formas Leasing Training and Motivation Electronic Sales Manual

4 Overview A quick history on the development of the car wash industry Outline the purpose of the manual to create a general guide for a successful operation and management of a car wash Introduce merchandising concepts and employee motivation techniques

5 Introduction A quick history of RYKO’s involvement in major oil Overview on creating a pattern for success

6 Demographic Studies Contains important information that can directly impact the success of the business site These reports include population, income per household, occupation, traffic counts and future trends How to use this information to one advantage?

7 Marketing Overview Discusses all areas important to efficiently running a successful business These areas include: Analyzing your market, Planning your strategies, Creating publicity, Advertising, Promotions and other marketing considerations

8 Newspaper Advertising Production guidelines & tips Size Cost Placement Coupons Results

9 Direct Mail Saving money on mailing Tips on a successful mailer Creating the right offer and slogan Using a credible mail house or company Understanding your market Timing of a direct mailer

10 Signage Outlines to create a strong sign that: Informs customers, Builds image, Enhances advertising, Generates impulse business, Maintaining community image, Helps community safety Interior and exterior signage examples Four steps to effective signage

11 Special Promotions Discusses using methods to draw attention to the business and stimulate new customer traffic Punch Cards Car Wash Clubs Fund Raising

12 Equipment Listing of all RYKO vehicle wash systems available Literature on each system

13 Grand Openings Discusses methods to get the new business off on a profitable foot Loss leaders Advertising Live radio and television spots Clowns, multi-colored banners, balloons etc.

14 Leasing Discusses leasing in general terms Question and answer on some of the most frequently asked questions about leasing benefits

15 Training and Motivation Discusses techniques on training and motivating employees above and beyond teaching them how to operate the equipment and monitor the chemicals Bonuses Recognition dinners Contests Continuous feedback and formalized reveiws Next Presentation

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