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Arkansas Library Association Conference Hot Springs October, 2009

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1 Arkansas Library Association Conference Hot Springs October, 2009

2 Customer Service Discussion Positive Customer Service Experiences

3 Customer Service “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” Margaret Mead

4 Customer Service Purpose Attract Customers Retain Customers Bond with Customers

5 Customer Service Etiquette Welcome Make eye contact Look approachable Don’t do busy work

6 Customer Service Libraries must provide high quality: Facilities Services Resources Staff

7 Customer Service Library image/Staff image Polished Professional

8 Customer Service Service Give them what they want not what you think they want…

9 Customer Service Economics Satisfied customers support library funding

10 Customer Service Library Supporters Keep them well informed Ask for help in achieving goals

11 Customer Service You are the library 76% of Americans visited a public library last year American Library Association, 2008

12 Customer Service Today’s reality 41 states cut public library funding American Library Association, 2008

13 Customer Service Today’s reality Passionate librarians win financial support OCLC, 2008

14 Customer Service Ohio Public Libraries Vote 38/251 libraries – Nov. 3 20% average drop in income

15 Customer Service Welcome… Make a great first impression

16 Customer Service Welcome… Make your customer feel special

17 Customer Service Welcome… Remember your manners

18 Customer Service Welcome… Present a positive experience

19 Customer Service Welcome… Minimize wait times

20 Customer Service Welcome… Be flexible Be adaptable

21 Customer Service Welcome… Give people the benefit of the doubt

22 Customer Service Interactions Transaction-based Relationship-based

23 Customer Service Interactions Speak Listen Learn

24 Customer Service “The library isn’t in the business of connecting people with information, the library…”

25 Customer Service Customers are not always right but they are your customers

26 Customer Service Customer complaints 2 – 4% tell you Most tell at least 7 people

27 Customer Service Customers right or wrong Assume their innocence Look for teaching opportunities Believe your customer 3 strikes and you are out!

28 Customer Service Find ways to say “yes” Improve current products and services Implement new products and services

29 Customer Service “The longer customers wait… The shorter that they will be with you.” David Freemantle

30 Customer Service Quality – RATER Reliability Assurance Tangibles Empathy Responsiveness

31 Customer Service Reality Check Tips for managers (and future managers)

32 Customer Service Reality Yesterday’s solutions won’t cure today’s problems

33 Customer Service Reality Present trends will not always continue

34 Customer Service Reality Ignoring new service opportunities offered by future changes

35 Customer Service Reality Internal customers…employees Management by walking around

36 Customer Service Reality Managers model the behavior of senior management

37 Customer Service New reality Be real Be appreciative Be interested Be nice

38 Customer Service Other realities Changing demographics Intergenerational communication

39 Customer Service Changing American demographics Age Race Ethnicity Gender roles Values

40 Customer Service 21% of people in US speak little or no English Bowker Annual, 2009

41 Customer Service Spanish – most supported Smaller communities serving larger % of non-English Low-level literacy Bowker Annual, 2009

42 Customer Service Intercultural communication Respect Simplify speech Clarify language Avoid using slang

43 Customer Service Intergenerational communication The Greatest Generation Baby Boomers Gen X Gen Y

44 Customer Service “People resemble their times more than they resemble their parents.” Arab Proverb

45 Customer Service The Greatest Generation-pre 1946 Formal Stability Consistency Conformity Loyal customers

46 Customer Service Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Individuality Want personalized treatment Believe in collaboration Future oriented

47 Customer Service Gen Xers 1964 – 1980 Independent Self-reliant Flexible Skeptical Adaptable

48 Customer Service Millennials 1980 - 2000 Connected High expectations Goal and achievement oriented Global world view Optimistic Willing volunteers

49 Customer Service Creating the new library experience

50 Customer Service “The only way to predict the future is to create it.” Tom Peters

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