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Talent Integration Ecosystems Dr. Charlie Grantham.

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2 Talent Integration Ecosystems Dr. Charlie Grantham

3 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 Driving Forces

4 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 Talent Integration Ecosystem Adaptable System to Produce talent Pool Magnet for Talent Unique Identity

5 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 Sustainable Talent Pool

6 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 Community Portals The physical location in the employees community is actually a PORTAL to the… … larger virtual community of workmates, friends and unknown acquaintances.

7 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 Community portals allow access ToolsPeopleKnowledge


9 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 Resources

10 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 How Will We Work?

11 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 SO… you’re a work-life revolutionary who wants to be sure people can thrive in their personal life and that organizations can thrive, too

12 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 What if work was like this in say, ten years? Or tomorrow? What would you do?

13 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 Where Will We Work? Plus…UntetheredIncubatorsCo-working spaces

14 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 With Whom Will We Work? In swarms -- dynamic internal + external project teams that produce & then disband In teams, but globally, generationally, culturally, ‘competentially’-diverse teams Where information is ‘crowd-sourced’/open-sourced “Where the smartest person in the room is… the room”

15 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 How Will We work? Fast Intensely In networks that cross organizational boundaries Less well-defined permanent roles Tech-reliant

16 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 What Kind of Work Will We Do?  Knowledge work  Attention-demanding  Learning-intensive  Service work  Attention-giving  Inventing and co-creating  Making and growing things And I want autonomy and meaning with my paycheck.

17 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 When Do We Work? 24/7 Anytime. All the time. Overtime. Flexibly - when we want to. Without boundaries, personal time or down time.

18 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 What’s Happening Outside?  The economy is unpredictable. Both global and local matter.  We feel less safe & secure – jobs aren’t stable, nor are our savings…or our neighborhoods. The ice cap is melting and we worry about the planet.  Social polarization and incivility are rampant  TMI -- even though we can tailor how we get information  Complexity has exploded It’s all a bit much…

19 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 What Must We Do? Focus Filter information Self-regulate Learn. Lead. Invent. Make. Discover resources Build relationships Manage time & ambiguity Adapt.

20 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 Ah… But Who Do We Work for? Increasingly ourselves as freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, entrepreneurs, and sure, for an employer, too or both at once inventors and makers.

21 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 So if you’re a work-life revolutionary… What is the ‘organization’ you want to influence? Whose culture? What work environment? Who’s in control? Did the work-life job just morph into something else?

22 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 How we work is changing Let’s change it in the right direction.

23 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 So, now what?

24 WWW.AWLP.ORG/FORUM 2012 These questions brought to you by Sandy Burud Debbie Phillips Casey Carlson Meryle Kaplan 2012 Work-Life Forum, AWLP "Music by JewelBeat. Download your free music and free sound effects at" Contact: Sandy Burud, Project Lead, Ph. 626.256.3423

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