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How to Work Together As A Couple In Your SMB Technology Consultancy (Family Owned)

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1 How to Work Together As A Couple In Your SMB Technology Consultancy (Family Owned)

2 Our Subject Matter Lessons which apply to business couples and other close partnerships

3 Your Presenters Charles and Doña Keating own and operate Keating Consulting Service and Professional Options, respectively. We are serving ourselves up as the lab rats in this case study

4 Three Types of Business Couples Co-entrepreneurial – or copreneurs couples who share ownership, management and responsibility for a joint business Co-executive – couples who own or work in separate business ventures Co-professional – couples in the same or different professions which own their own practices

5 Our Type of Business Couple

6 Or…?

7 Lets have some fun First critical piece of advice to consider if youre planning to go into business together…

8 Dont! …………………….but if you must, lets get serious

9 Five Key Attributes of Successful Couples Friendship Communications and Conflict Management Flexible Roles Work Ethic Service Orientation

10 Friendship In business there has to be a commitment to friendship We met in briefly in 1995 as friends, had a brief courting period in 1996 and married in 1997 One way to spend more time together - The Dog Year School of Marriage

11 Communications and Conflict Management Being able communicate issues is crucial Style doesnt matter as much as substance - - but it can help manage expectations and clarify communications Try not to argue in front of clients or take business pointers or comments personally

12 Communications - Continued Frequent fluidity between business and personal subjects Keep time set-asides to separate business from personal time Create opportunities to focus more deeply on new ideas, such as during car drives

13 Flexible Roles Always find new ways to work together – constant change helps each other grow Ensure you define and adapt the roles – many clients or colleagues will try to define them for you

14 Flexible Roles (part 2) Dont always do the same things –Charles answer the calls or is the friendly face –Doña is very much the corporate CEO type –Reducing predictability keeps it fresh

15 Flexible Roles (part 3) We complement and learn from each other –Different approaches –Business and technical backgrounds –Brilliant communications, understanding human and organizational dymanics/motivations –Talent for computers, intuition into systems Together we are stronger

16 Flexible Roles (part 3a) While we dont think about it - people do mention were of different races…a minor factor but not necessarily irrelevant Gender expectations

17 Work Ethic We work impossible hours, but so does everyone else The boundaries between work and family time can become blurred Challenges of work and family

18 Work ethic (Then) Surprise, surprise

19 Work ethic (Now) What now?

20 Service and Civic Orientation Officers and directors of West Sound Technology Association (WSTA) Increased community involvement and expanded circle of influence More networking and business contacts

21 Service and Civic Orientation – Part 2 Larger perspective outside normal running of business(es) Both a motivating factor and great way to increase business contacts in a relationship driven SMB market

22 Challenges And opportunities …

23 Challenges Flexible work boundaries go both ways Children are a special gift If something irritates you, try it 24x7

24 Failure is not an Option Respect differences Always remember the friendship and love Recognize when its time to be strong or to bend Honor professional capabilities

25 Opportunities -- The Prize Spend more time with the one you love while getting well paid Explore many unique opportunities based on this time together –This presentation was a commitment to work together more productively and serves as a reminder to ourselves

26 Q & A Questions??? Observations? Funny (Short) Stories

27 Thank you Doña Keating Professional Options 360-792-9100 Business/IT and Policy Consulting Charles Keating Keating Consulting Service 360-697-9009 IT Consulting

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