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EO Planning Forum Government Relations Raoul Wainwright.

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1 EO Planning Forum Government Relations Raoul Wainwright

2 Agenda Context Government relations overview Looking forward Checklist

3 Objectives Enhance engagement with the Victorian Government Develop strategies for this point of the political cycle Aligning those strategies with your ongoing advocacy and government relations work

4 2014 Victorian Election – An Overview Legislative Assembly; Labor - Liberal/National - Legislative Council Labor – Liberal/National - Expect a more activist Parliament; Inquiries Committees Private Member’s Bills Good swing to Labor, but primary vote still low. Relationship with the Opposition will remain important.

5 Legacy

6 ALP Platform Labor acknowledges the outstanding work of previous Labor Governments in developing and introducing the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This is a once-in-a-generation change to ensure people with a disability are accorded the dignity, lifestyle choices and human rights protections that many Victorians take for granted. Labor will: Properly fund the legal aid civil jurisdiction – this section provides much needed representation for those with disabilities and/or mental illness or impairment, in regards to their financial and personal independence Address the recommendations of the Law Reform Commission’s review of guardianship to ensure laws are modern and responsive to community needs Manage the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in an equitable and fair manner Expand the jurisdiction of the Disability Services Commissioner Strengthen and promote the Community Visitors Program Work with the Commonwealth Government to ensure that Victorian safeguards such as the Community Visitors Program and the Disability Services Commissioner are incorporated into the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Address the findings of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission report on the relinquishment of children with a disability into State care.

7 Important Processes Yooralla Inquiry, terms of reference and conduct of the Inquiry, including hearings. Victorian Budget, May 5 2015. Transition to NDIS.


9 General Observations on Engagement Government can never be reliant on one stream of advice You know your sector and the emerging trends within it better than the major parties ever will There is an opportunity to engage with the major parties to inform them on how this may impact on their policy development, how they can spend their budgets more effectively and how you can give effect to their overarching policy objectives

10 Government relations is a conversation Who with? What about? To what end?

11 What do you say about yourself? Goals Relationships Achievements

12 Is it better to work together?

13 CASE STUDY Prepare a submission for a Parliamentary Inquiry Demonstrate the vital nature of advocacy services Call for recommendations to embed provisions for advocacy in the NDIS Seek to give evidence at Inquiry Hearings This is by invitation by the Committee May give evidence in your own right or together with others, such as VCOSS Attend the Inquiry Hearings Opportunities to build relationships Opportunities for informal discussions with pollies, public servants and media.

14 TOOLS Test Cases Talking about footy Community Campaigns Parliamentary Processes Government Stakeholder Committees

15 Some Lessons Explore values Genuine, ongoing dialogue Create a clear context Put engagement before agreement

16 Checklist Identify your objectives Pursue simultaneous strategies with all parties Ensure organisational buy-in Pursue one-on-one discussions Be positive Listen Be flexible but not on those things you can’t live without

17 THANKS Any questions?

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