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Carers and the Care Act 2015 Adult Social Care 13 th March 2015.

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1 Carers and the Care Act 2015 Adult Social Care 13 th March 2015

2 Background The Care Act - A result of a number of separate Government commitments around social care A full review of adults’ legislation - Care Act consolidates existing legislation into one single modern law. Driving up the quality of care following the Francis Inquiry. Take forward recommendations made by the Dilnot Commission. Delivers commitments made in the ‘Care for our future: reforming care and support ‘ White Paper. Strengthens rights for carers to access support and introduces a new safeguarding framework. Produced by Law Commission

3 Overview Key Principles Key Requirements & Timescales Key RequirementsTimescale Duties on prevention and wellbeing From April 2015 Duties on information and advice (including advice on paying for care) Duty on market shaping National minimum threshold for eligibility Assessments (including carers assessments) Personal budgets and care and support plans New charging framework Safeguarding Universal deferred payment agreements Extended means test From April 2016 Capped charging system Care Accounts Produced by Law Commission

4 What does the Care Act say me must do for carers? Key Points Carers can be eligible for support in their own right and this does not depend on whether the adult for whom they provide care/support has eligible needs. The determination is based on the carer’s needs and how these impact on the carer‘s wellbeing. Carers’ assessments must seek to establish the carer‘s needs for support, but also the sustainability of the caring role itself, which includes the practical and emotional support the carer provides to the adult. The local authority must include a consideration of the carer’s potential future needs for support.  For a carer, the support plan must therefore consider outcomes the carer wishes to achieve, and their wishes around providing care, work, education and recreation where support could be relevant;  A local authority must provide or arrange for services, facilities or resources which would prevent, delay or reduce the needs for support of carers.

5 Care Act Compliance for Carers Redrafting our policies and changing eligibility criteria to improve the approach to Carers in alignment with the Act. Developing an outcomes based approach to the Carer assessment and support plan processes to fit with transformation of Adult Social Care ‘customer journey’. We will be introducing a carers self assessment questionnaire. Reviewing the existing Carers local offer of provision. There is a focus on prevention/advice & support. We are reviewing our approach to individualised carer support. Forecasting the local demand from Carers for Assessments and Information and Advice to understand level of resource requirements needed locally. Working with contracted services to assist with managing the demand and the types of support on offer.

6 What else are we doing related to Carers? Developing all of our Information and Advice - including the People First website, leaflets and other formats to provide a comprehensive set of information about local support for Carers. We are keen to meet with and listen to carers. We will use carers forums as a vehicle for ongoing discussion regarding carer services in the borough. Developing a new set of Adult Social Care operating procedures to ensure all staff follow the new process for assessments, support planning and delivery of personal budgets in relation to Carers. Launch a workforce development plan for all staff to be trained in the new ways of working.

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