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1 Excellence in Aboriginal Economic Development.

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1 1 Excellence in Aboriginal Economic Development

2 Mission & Vision In 1990, EDOs from across Canada founded and mandated Cando to become a national body to focus on the training, education and networking opportunities necessary to serve their communities and/or organizations as professionals. Cando’s mission: is to build capacity which strengthens Aboriginal economies by providing programs and services to Economic Development Officers (EDOs). Cando’s vision: is to be the leading authority on Aboriginal Community Economic Development.

3 Cando Board of Directors

4 Cando Provides professional support to Aboriginal Economic Development Officers. Aboriginal-controlled, community-based, membership-driven, non-profit organization. To provide training, networking, partnerships, and educational opportunities for Aboriginal EDOs across Canada that potentially leads to strong, vibrant, self-reliant communities. Cando has been instrumental in facilitating partnerships with EDOs, academics, Aboriginal leaders and senior corporate and government representatives. Cando is unique because it is the only national organization that focuses on education and professional development for EDOs working in Aboriginal communities or organizations.

5 Aboriginal Economic Developer Process The first national professional certification process designed, developed and facilitated by an Aboriginal organization. Relevant was developed through the DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) Process to identify the core competencies and to ensure the content was relevant to the field of Aboriginal economic development. Accessible recognizes Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) through the individual assessment process, you should not have to return to school for what you've already learned. Affordable admission fees are very reasonable, and we provide reference to a scholarship that may be available to you. Certified recognized by post-secondary institutions, Corporate Canada, and Aboriginal leadership.

6 Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer 207 PAED Graduates British Columbia61 Ontario32 Alberta24 Nova Scotia18 New Brunswick17 Manitoba13 Saskachewan10 Nunavut1 Yukon13 Northwest Territories5 Quebec7 Newfoundland5 International1

7 Technical Aboriginal Economic Development 153 TAED Graduates British Columbia29 Ontario33 Alberta10 Nova Scotia13 New Brunswick14 Manitoba13 Saskachewan12 Nunavut20 Yukon0 Northwest Territories5 Quebec3 Newfoundland1 International0 Prince Edward Island0

8 TAED Level Accredited Programs

9 TAED and PAED in Alberta

10 Tools & Resources

11 Cando Membership in Alberta YearAssociateFullOrganizationStudentTotal 2012-2013123516871 2013-2014122314857 2014-2015142010953 Become a Cando Member Now Full Membership $52.50 Associate Membership$89.25 Organization Membership$315.00 Student Membership$26.50

12 Cando Partnerships

13 Cando Annual National Conference & Annual General Meeting Cando’s conferences provide Economic Development Officers (EDOs) with tools and resources to discover new opportunities for community economic development in Aboriginal regions and communities throughout Canada. The conference will be of interest to all, from the beginner Aboriginal community economic developer to the advanced practitioner. We will examine urban, rural and remote challenges; and offer exposure to diverse perspectives including First Nation, Métis and Inuit, and showcase entrepreneurial approaches in Aboriginal economic development.

14 Past Cando Conferences Year LocationConference Theme 2014 Nanaimo, BC“Collaboration: Realizing Opportunities” 2013 Winnipeg, MB“Celebrating Effective Partnerships” 2012 Membertou, NS“Building Capacity - Building Communities” 2011 Richmond, BC“Nation Building Through Economic Development” 2010 Niagara Falls, ON“Embracing Change” 2009 Enoch, AB“Controlling Our Destiny” 2008 Montreal, QC“Economic Development - Power of Technology” 2007 Kamloops, BC“7 th Generation Economies” 2006 Saskatoon, SK“Celebrating Our Success” 2005 Sault Ste. Marie, ON“Strengthening Communities on Turtle Island” 2004 Fredericton, NB“Gathering Our Resources” 2003 Whitehorse, YT“The Drum is Calling…Journey to New Horizons” 2002 Edmonton, AB“Navigation: Directions for Development” 2001 Thunder Bay, ON“Closing the Gap: Developing Aboriginal Economies” 2000 Yellowknife, NT“Lets Make A Deal” 1999 Halifax, NS“Sustainable Use of Natural Resources” 1998 Vancouver, BC“Leading Into the 21st Century” 1997 Montreal, PQ“Building Capacity for the Future” 1996 Saskatoon, SK“Controlling Our Future: The Power of the Indigenous Economy” 1995 Winnipeg, MB“Partners In Progress” 1994 Calgary, AB“Maximizing Our Resources”


16 2014 Annual National Conference & AGM Highlights Opening Prayer Elder Eleanor White Snuneymuxw First Nation Community Cultural Event Kulus Dancers Community Cultural Event Snuneymuxw Dance Group

17 Economic Developer of the Year Awards 2014 Economic Developer of the Year Award Winners

18 Economic Developer of the Year Awards 2014 ED of the Year Award Winners Nisga’a Lisims Government Economic Development, BC- Community Category Acosys Consulting Services, QC- Aboriginal Private Sector Business Category Chris Hartman, Tsawwassen First Nation Economic Development Corporation, BC- Individual EDO Category 2014 ED of the Year Award Recognition Recipients Tsawwassen First Nation, BC- Community Category Elaine Carter, AB - Aboriginal Private Sector Business Category MEDO Care Pharmacy, MB- Individual EDO Category

19 Annual National Youth Panel 10 th Annual National Youth Panel

20 Annual Women in Business Panel 2014 Women in Business Panel

21 2014 NIEEF Scholarship Recipients Ruby Littlechild Ermineskin First Nation, AB Cape Breton University, Masters in Business Administration Rose Julian Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation, NS Cape Breton University, Masters in Business Administration Laurie Mercer Nisga’a Nation, BC University of British Columbia Bachelor of Commerce

22 Excellence in Aboriginal Economic Development

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