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Dangerous Waters Serious Gaming meets Synthetic Training TAUES.

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1 Dangerous Waters Serious Gaming meets Synthetic Training TAUES

2 Release 2005 (Commercial Version) Focus on SW and ASW Control of surface-, underwater- and air-units with focus on tactical deployment 30 players in multiplayer mode –classic mode: each player controls a unit –stations mode: dividing stations of one unit between different players –any combination of both modes Basic information TAUES

3 Basic information Major non-commercial modifications: –Database editor –3D-model import via Autodesk Maya –Terrain and image overlays –HLA interface –Bathymetry overlays –Doctrine files –Commander mode TAUES

4 Most important extensions with German Navy modifications I & II: –Implementation of Emitter/IFF in HLA interface –Upgrade to DIS/HLA-interface –Basic TDL-(Import-)interface (SIMPLE) –Generic German Sea Lynx –Generic German frigate TAUES Basic information

5 Use cases with TAUES The non-commercial version of DW –is intended primarily as simulator for shipborne helicopters Shipborne helicopters as an integral part of the weapon system ‚frigate‘ are not incorporated in the EZ/AZs (reference sites) HC as training subject is hard to cover with present means –can be used also as: Simulated bridge for e.g. F124 frigate Maritime Patrol Aircraft P3C as part of a scenario 3D scenario display TAUES

6 Key aspects of DWNC‘s employment as shipborne helicopter simulator: –At present: Optical reconnaissance ASW with dipping sonar and torpedo Controllable by inexperienced users (e.g. via waypoints, no joystick or flying experience required) If real pilot available, HC training is possible (e.g. during GST) –Future capabilities (due to modifications) Self-reliant modification/extension of game database Employment of HMG in AAsymW Display of Link16-picture possible TAUES Use cases with TAUES

7 7/2004 7/2006 2007 2008 12/2009 5/2010 12/2010 12/2011 2/2012 5/2012 7/2012 … Timeline TAUES

8 Admin points Licensee: TAUES –10 licenses (simultaneous use) –unrestricted number of copies via TAUES –6 licenses for HLA-interface (in multiplayer network only the server needs the HLA-interface) –1 license Autodesk Maya for conversion of 3D-models into internal format TAUES

9 Minimum system requirements: –1 GHZ Processor –256 MB RAM –64 MB graphics adapter with DirectX 9.0b –Win 98SE For multiplayer and/or usage of HLA-interface faster hardware is required, but:  On current ‘middle class’ hardware with Win XP/7 DWNC can be employed in every role without limitations System requirements TAUES

10 Employment up to now NetOpFüEXER 2/10 –Scenario generator GST: –Shipborne helicopter FST: –Shipborne helicopter, –Bridge (EZ/AZ F124) FST pierside: –Shipborne helicopter, –Bridge (F124) TAUES

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