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IEEE Region 6 Student Paper Contest, Anaheim CA, September 17 th 1998 Chen-I Lim Arizona State University

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1 IEEE Region 6 Student Paper Contest, Anaheim CA, September 17 th 1998 Chen-I Lim Arizona State University An Interactive Modeling, Simulation, Animation, and Real-Time Control (MoSART) Helicopter Environment

2 Motivation System Dynamics Description of Interactive MoSART Environment Utility of Environment Summary and Future Directions Outline

3 Advanced visualization tools are needed for system analysis and design. Research/education can be enhanced with interactive multimedia environments. PC platforms now offer substantial computing power for engineering design. Motivation

4 New Technologies Affordable and fast computing (PCs) Hi-fidelity simulation capability - Simulink / MATLAB, etc. Hi-fidelity animation capability - 3D modeling software (e.g. 3D Studio, etc.) - Microsoft Direct-3D Object-oriented programming (OOP) Framework - Active-X / OLE

5 Working Model (Knowledge Revolution) DADS/Plant (CADSI) …generic, not optimized for specific systems (both have contributed to development of MoSART facility at ASU) State of the Art

6 System-specific interactive MoSART environments High performance: Windows/ C++ Advanced visualization tools: Direct-3D Extensible: integration with MATLAB User friendly Contributions of Work

7 Real-time simulation Alter model/controller: - structure - parameters (on-the-fly) Advanced visualization: - real-time graphics - visual indicators/aids - 3D animation models Direct user input via joystick Integration with MATLAB: advanced CAD tools Key Environment Features

8 Robotic Manipulator High-Performance Aircraft Missile-Target Engagements Pendulums: Inverted, Rotary, Multi-link... Adaptive Algorithms/Learning Systems Submarine Environment Other Interactive Environments Being Developed at MoSART Facility

9 Aerodynamic Derivatives Near Hover Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk

10 Vertical Dynamics Longitudinal Dynamics Basic Helicopter Dynamics Near Hover

11 - Collective control Open loop poles: Vertical Dynamics Near Hover

12 Longitudinal Dynamics Near Hover State Space Representation: B lc - Cyclic control Unstable: backflapping mode Open loop poles: …need AFCS to minimize pilot workload θ 010θ0 θ =0M q M u θ +M Blc B lc x-g0X u xx Blc..... Horizontal damping mode X/ B lc. θ / B lc

13 Open loop poles & zeros: Zero near origin Transfer function: Longitudinal Dynamics Near Hover Performance-Pitch Tradeoff:

14 Unstable: backflapping mode Open loop poles & zeros: Horizontal damping mode Horizontal Speed Dynamics: Longitudinal Dynamics Near Hover

15 Open loop poles & zeros: Lightly damped zero Longitudinal Dynamics Near Hover Horizontal Pitch Dynamics:

16 General System Diagram

17 Horizontal Speed Controller Horizontal Speed Dynamics (s+1) 2 (2500) ( s + 50 ) 2 k (s+2.5) s. Desired speed Speed, x - + Cyclic control, B lc

18 Horizontal Speed Controller Controller #1 (proportional only) Controller #2 (Dynamical Feedback)

19 Pentium PC Windows ’95/NT System Requirements: Pentium PC running Windows 95/NT. 32 MB RAM. Direct-3D 3.0. Recommended: Pentium II 266 w/ MMX running Windows NT 4.0. 64 MB RAM. Direct-3D 3.0. Visual C++/ MFC Direct-3D v3.0 MATLAB Engine v5.0 About the Program

20 Program User Interface Simulation Module Graphical Animation Module Help-Instruct Module (PUI) (SIM) (GAM) (HIM) Environment Structure

21 (PUI) User Friendly Windows ’95/NT Interface Menus Multiple windows Control toolbars Interactive System Diagram Block diagram representation of system Point-and-click access Program User Interface

22 Edit system parameters on-the-fly Change reference commands: - Signal generator - User joystick input Call up real-time graphs of signals & outputs Activate or deactivate a block Through the point-and-click system diagram interface, a user can: Use of the PUI

23 (SIM) Numerical Simulation On-the-Fly Parameter Editing Fast compiled C++: >3000 Hz / 266MHz PII Better than real-time simulation Plant models Controller parameters Reference Commands, Disturbances, Noise, etc. Integration methods: Euler, Runge-Kutta 4, etc. Extensibility Simulation Module

24 Changing plant parameters on-the-fly Playback of externally generated simulation: e.g. MATLAB/SIMULINK Dynamic linking: MATLAB Engine... (Edit Mode) (Playback Mode) (External-Link Mode) Simulation Module: Extensibility

25 (GAM) 3D Animation Direct-3D Texture-mapped, light-shaded polygons Wireframe copters from previous simulations Real-Time Variable Display Window 2D Animation Window: pitch indicator Real-time multiple-graph plotting Visualization Tools & Indicators (SMAC) Extensibility Graphical Animation Module

26 Direct-3D standard file format 3D modeling packages: e.g. 3D Studio Libraries of 3D objects widely available: Internet & commercial vendors. Animation Module: Extensibility

27 (HIM) On-line Help Instructions on using the environment Program reference Help-Instruct Module HTML / PDF Documents Model documentation/ references Interactive tutorials

28 Utility of Environment Unstable backflapping mode Open-loop joystick control Closed-loop user joystick control: without command pre-filter Closed-loop user joystick control: with command pre-filter

29 Versatile system-specific interactive MoSART environments Windows / C++ / Direct3D / MATLAB User friendly: accessible & intuitive User can alter system model structure & parameters (on-the-fly) Highly extensible: can incorporate new simulation/animation models Summary

30 More visual indicators Advanced SIM and GAM Expanded HIM: web support, multimedia Enhanced integration with MATLAB Integrated design & analysis environment Online presentation available at: … development of MoSART Facility at ASU Future Directions

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