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Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Integrated Lean Six Sigma What is it?

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1 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Integrated Lean Six Sigma What is it?

2 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. What is Integrated Lean Six Sigma? A Strategy to Build the Capability of the TOTAL Organization IL6S brings together Lean, Six Sigma, TPM and High Performance Work Systems in an integrated approach. Aimed at achieving and SUSTAINING breakthrough Business Results through a highly skilled, motivated and self-reliant Work Force Through 100 % Total Employee Ownership and Pursuit of Zero

3 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Pursuit of Zero – Why is Zero Important? Loss is the difference between actual results and the ideal ZERO State The definition of quality is the conformance to requirements – NO Defects Eliminating Stops and Breakdowns enables Predictable Supply and Predictable Maintenance Predictable Supply is needed for a produce-to- demand system with just-in-time inventory

4 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. ZERO and 100… Create a predictable supply chain with customers and suppliers Big Supply System Losses Inventory Delayed/Incomplete Orders Damage/Over Age Stock Productivity Initiative Launch Customer Returns Building an End to End Supply Chain

5 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. IL6S Design Elements Pillars – Provide “Centers of Excellence” (COE) containing key tools and approaches aimed at building capability – Build required capability horizontally across the Organization – Pillars Are Not Functions With the House example, the pillars simply provide the builders with the necessary capabilities.

6 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Integrated means building 11 interdependent Capability building pillars Stable & Predictable Line PerformanceZero Losses Across the Value ChainVertical Start-up of New Initiatives Kraft Vision ISC Vision CBN Pillars Foundation Leadership Organization (Org) Education & Training (E&T) “We are a CONSUMER-driven, CUTOMER-focused team delivering WORLD CLASS solutions and sustained breakthrough results through the best developed PEOPLE and CAPABILITIES Initiative Management (IM) Quality Management (QM) Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Progressive Maintenance (PM) Continuous Improvement (CI) Supply Network (SN) Safety, Health & Environment (SH&E) Work Process Improvement (WPI) Make Kraft North America’s Best Food Company by 2015 thru POWER of 1

7 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Blitz – Accelerating the Future Pillar Leads – Dee Gibbs – Leadership – Johanna Ramirez – AM – Hany Azmy - PM – Tim Preston - CI – Bob Hollingsworth – IL6S Mgr – Kato Oliver – Health, Safety & Env – Windy Glahn – Education/Training – Susan Ledbetter - Org – Jill Hoffman – Quality – Matt O’Shield – Material – To be determined – WPI 7 Making IL6S the way we work

8 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Objectives: Prepare Leaders to effectively and efficiently leverage IL6S to meet their business needs. Begin the organizational change effort to achieve a Zero Loss and Total Employee Ownership Culture Ensure leadership defines the organization’s Compelling Business Need business in a way that every employee can link their work plan to it.

9 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Leaders establish clear stretching objectives and standards for the organization based on business needs. Leaders role model IL6S behaviors, (e.g. finding & eliminating defects, root-cause problem solving, broad involvement of the organization, etc.) Leaders Learn-Do-Teach through participation in Leadership Models on-the -floor/work area activities, roll-down training and day-to-day coaching. Culture Elements/Behaviors

10 Vision Support the RTD BU with World Class performance and innovation Network:  Provide service flexibility while producing high quality products at the lowest cost Facility:  Continue to develop our safety culture through 100% engagement  Build employee capability and opportunity to achieve highest quality and lowest cost

11 Mission Everyone, every day, the best way Full Engagement Working together Shared goals Small Improvements everyday Working to eliminate all losses Constant review of current processes Learn and apply from others Identifying best practices - plant and network Standard work

12 Compelling Business Need Beverage RTD Network Mission 2 Double Volume Growth O Zero Loss Thinking Safety / Costs 15 % Efficiency gains over 3 years to support growth Chain Links Network and employees Working together

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14 Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Questions????? 14

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