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World Literature Monday, May 14, 2012 and Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

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1 World Literature Monday, May 14, 2012 and Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2 Today’s Activities 1. Warm-up 2. Pre-write for Night essay 3. Thesis/Topic sentences checked 4. Find relevant evidence 5. Due at the end of the period: pre-write 6. Turn in Schindler’s List permission form

3 Warm-up What makes solid evidence for an essay? Provide at least 3 ideas Please have pre-write form out as you work on your warm-up.

4 Keys to relevant evidence

5 Quotes or specific paraphrases Cite all evidence with page # Literary analysis folks (more quotes than paraphrases)

6 Socratic Seminar Make-up Write a paragraph on your first choice from seminar prep. TS=argument about your issue selected Provide specific evidence Explain evidence Closing statement

7 Pre-write phases 1. Have thesis and topic sentences approved 2. Identify relevant evidence 3. Work on analysis


9 Cause and effect: How do his experiences in the camps affect Elie Wiesel? Loss of faith Loss of will Loss of bond with father Loss of innocence More self-reliant Emotionally numb

10 Cause/Effect Thesis The experiences in the camps caused Elie Wiesel to ______________, _____________, and _______________.

11 Thesis/topic sentences-cause/effect Matt’s experiences in House of the Scorpion lead him to become more caring, more self-reliant, and more aware of the problems of abusing power. Matt becomes more self-reliant as he grows through the novel. Matt, who once abused his power, learns the necessity of using power wisely


13 Compare/Contrast Elie and his fatherOther father/son relationships Sons betray or leave fathers (Elie feels like he betrays father, Rabbi Eliahou’s son leaves him) See fathers beaten Rely on each other for survival Don’t leave Never abuses father Share food Help one another survive Sons leave fathers behind (Rabbi Eliahou’s son on march) Sons beat fathers (pipel who beats his father for not making his bunk, boy who attacks his father for bread) Broken relationships hurts survival

14 Thesis format Essay organized around points: Similar to other father and son relationships in Night, Elie and his father __________ and _________; however, unlike the other relationships _______________________. Essary organized around relationships: Elie’s relationship in Night is similar to _______________, but different than _______________ and _____________.


16 Literary devices (symbols and motifs) Fire Snow Hanging pipel Night Violin

17 Writing thesis statement for theme essay Through the characters of El Patron, Rosa, and Matt demonstrates the damaging consequences of abusing power in House of the Scorpion. Through the powerful imagery of the boneyard and “the thing on the bed,” House of the Scorpion shows how science should have ethical boundaries.

18 Topic Sentences-theme Thesis: The House of the Scorpion shows how abusing power has negative consequences through the characters of El Patron, Matt, and Rosa. Not proficient topic sentence: El Patron abused his power. Proficient: El Patron’s downfall demonstrates the negative consequences of his abuse of power.

19 No argument? Not proficient: Loss is shown in Night through the loss of innocence, relationships, and faith. Revised: The idea that the concentration camps brought about far more than a loss of life emerges as a dominant theme in Night through Wiesel’s loss of innocence, the severing of father/son relationships in the camps, and the prisoners’ loss of faith.

20 Night’s use of the imagery of the hanging pipel, Juliek’s violin, and the boy killing his father over a piece of bread show how the concentrations camps had the power to destroy innocence and beauty.

21 Night shows that will power is essential for survival in the Holocaust through the characterizations of Moshe, Elie’s father, and Elie himself.


23 Persuasive Essay Ideas Fit literary traits in what ways? Crosses threshold in to new world Faces challenges and trials Has and losses mentor Descent in to darkness Heroic feats of survival Realization/epiphany Return and contribution to society Doesn’t fit traits in what ways? No realization/epiphany No heroic feats, only individual survival No emergence out of descent in to darkness

24 Persuasive essay Elie Wiesel does (does not) fit the archetype of the literary hero because _________, _________, and _______. While Elie Wiesel may fit the archetype of the hero in that he ______ and _____, he does not ________.


26 Keys to relevant evidence Quotes or specific paraphrases Cite all evidence with page # Literary analysis folks (more quotes than paraphrases)

27 Keys to evidence by topic Cause/effect 1 detail to show “before” 1 detail to show “after” Compare/contrast 1 detail about Elie and his father 1 detail about similar or different relationship Literary analysis Break down evidence in to specific chunks to analyze in depth Persuasive 2 details at least for each paragraph argument

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