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The Boston Teachers Union Welcomes You Back to School!

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1 The Boston Teachers Union Welcomes You Back to School!

2 Video Message from the President Video Link Filmed and edited by BPS students and Press Pass TV!

3 Today’s Content Objectives! Members will be able to: 1. Differentiate myths from truths about unions. 2. Understand the BTU’s vision for public schools. 3. Take action to improve your schools through your union membership Language Objectives: Just kidding!

4 1. Myths and Truths about Teachers Unions “Turn and talk” with your neighbors! A.What stereotypes have you heard? B.Can you think of evidence to the contrary?

5 Here are some common misconceptions: A. Unions hurt student achievement B. Unions protect “bad” teachers C. Unions don’t want teacher evaluations

6 A. Do unions hurt achievement? TRUTH: UNIONS = HIGHER ACHIEVEMENT The highest scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and the SAT and the ACT tests are all correlated to the most unionized states in the country (like Mass). The lowest scoring states are also ones that restrict or have outlawed collective bargaining rights (unionizing). For more specifics see:

7 B. Do unions protect “bad” teachers? TRUTH: PRINCIPALS CAN FIRE ANY TEACHER Unions ensure that all members receive “due process.” That just means they can’t be fired unless they have been fairly evaluated and fairly treated. Principals have always had the power to fire any teacher, and can even do so for no reason until a teacher receives “professional status.”

8 C. Does the union think evaluations are undesirable? TRUTH: WE DO WANT EVALUATIONS! We just want a fair evaluation process that isn’t over- reliant on test scores or inconsistent measures such as Value-Added Models that have been found to be statistically unreliable.* We don’t want test scores to discourage excellent educators from teaching students who may not always test well like ELL students and Special Education students—students who can succeed but don’t always get what they need to do so. *For full citations see: t/

9 2. The BTU’s Vision for BPS Schools So what DO we believe in? Take a look at our mission and vision! Turn and Talk with your neighbors: Does this vision resonate with you? Why or why not? What would you add?

10 We believe in: Safe and Welcoming Schools Well-Prepared and Supported Teachers Engaging Curriculum Access to Wraparound Services Extending the School Day for Arts and Enrichment Parent, Student, and Teacher Voice in Decision Making Check out for a more detailed vision created with parents, students, and community members, and sign our petition.

11 3. Take action to improve your schools through your union membership. Stay informed! Read the E-Bulletin regularly (you can be added at Attend membership meetings at the school, BTU, and/or monthly regional meetings closer to your school or home. Make sure you have filled out a membership card, COPE Card, and “Unite for Education” Card.

12 You can also join a committee! – New Members Engagement Committee (New!) – Women’s Rights Committee – Sergeant at Arms Committee – Community Outreach Committee/Community Advisory Board – Professional Learning Advisory Board – Campaign Activist Network and Legislative Committee – Social Committee Learn more about them at

13 Upcoming BTU Dates! Wednesday, September 11: 4:15—Monthly Membership Meeting (2 nd Wed of every month) 7:00—BTU Mayoral Candidates Forum Thursday, September 26, 2-4 or 4-6: Regional BTU meeting in Allston/Brighton October 25-27: Annual Building Reps Conference You can find these dates and more important information in the BTU Newspaper.

14 Your Voice. Your Union. Your Future. You have the power to impact the decisions of your union-get involved!. Stay informed, get engaged, and strengthen a union that you can be proud of. You are the union! Don’t forget to browse the BTU paper for important information, too.

15 Building Representative Election: There can be 1 representative for every 25 members or portion thereof BTU in a school. (i.e. If your schools has 26 members, you can have 2. If you have 51 members, 3.) The Building Rep Election will be (set day, times, and location for the BTU building rep election) (Add next BTU meeting at the school: time, date, location if you have it.)

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