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What is the mistake?. Scientific Method Lesson 1.

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1 What is the mistake?

2 Scientific Method Lesson 1

3 Scientific Method Steps used by scientists to help them solve problems.

4 Steps  State the Problem  Make an observation.  Make a Hypothesis.  Experiment  Record / Analyze and draw a conclusion.

5 Observations  Taken using your 5 senses.  Seeing  Hearing  Smelling  Touching  Taste (although not in lab) AH—Look at this!

6 Hypothesis  A testable prediction to explain observations.  Educated guess.

7 Experiment You figure out a way to test whether hypothesis is correct. The outcome must be measurable. (quantifiable)

8 Results You do the experiment using the method you came up with and record the results. You repeat the experiment to confirm your results by retesting..

9 Conclusion  Summary  Finalize all your data.

10 Theory  Explanation based on many observations and supported by results of many experiments.  A theory may be revised or replaced with another theory as tests are done.

11 Scientific Law  A fact of nature that is observed so often that it becomes accepted as truth.

12 Alchemy  A pseudo science.  Started with the idea of making gold from other materials.  Their experiments and records help to establish data for future scientist.

13 Chemistry  The study of science that attempts to explain the structure and the properties of matter.

14 Organic Chemistry  Study of compounds containing carbon.

15 5 Steps

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