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PISA 2 Cohort 2 Teacher Leaders Professional Development Day.

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1 PISA 2 Cohort 2 Teacher Leaders Professional Development Day

2 Today’s Objectives Explanation-Driven Science Science Notebooking Large Scale Weather Phenomena

3 A Vignette: Mrs. Marcus’ Class What are the students saying? What is Mrs. Marcus doing?

4 Questions for Today Why engage students in scientific explanation? What do science explanations look and sound like for middle school students? What do you need to know and be able to do to promote and facilitate explanation-driven science?

5 Read All About It! Word Splash Activity: Form a group of three people Obtain one Word Splash Follow the directions on the Word Splash Obtain a copy of the reading for each person Read on your own When your group has finished the reading, revisit your Word Splash entries, discuss and revise Obtain markers and chart paper Create metaphorical model to illustrate the components of the framework Present your model to the class

6 Looking at Student Samples Sample 1: Physical Science - Inclined Planes, 3 rd Grade Sample 2: Physical Science – Energy, 4 th grade Sample 3: Earth Science - Sun Time, 5 th Grade

7 Implications For Planning Make sure the activity/investigation question is testable Make sure the activity/investigation generates observations and data necessary for evidence Have a repertoire of questions that promote thoughtful reasoning Determine the complexity and variations of the expected explanation Develop a rubric to assess each component of the student’s explanation

8 My Dad Is an Alien

9 Exit Card Assessment On an index card, complete the following statements: 3 things I learned are… 2 things I still have questions about… 1 thing I don’t understand at all…

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