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Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Law firm Harbottle & Lewis –– believes sponsors are beginning to get “back out there with money” despite the recession. Harbottle.

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1 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Law firm Harbottle & Lewis –– believes sponsors are beginning to get “back out there with money” despite the recession. Harbottle & Lewis recently acted for Barclays on the renewal of its high profile £82.25 million Premier League title sponsorship deal. The law firm acted for Standard Chartered Bank in a deal which will see the bank take over the shirt sponsorship of Liverpool Football Club from Carlsberg. The four year deal is reported as being worth circa £80 million.

2 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship When a sponsorship deal goes bad. Tiger Woods varied extra curriculum sexual excesses resulted in lost lucrative sponsorship deals with AT&T, Accenture, Gatorade and Procter & Gamble's Gillette brand. Cost to TW – An awful lot!!

3 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Usain Bolt has signed the biggest sponsorship deal in athletics history The deal is comparable to Cristiano Ronaldo's four-year contract with Nike, worth US$32.5m (£21m).

4 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Sponsorship is one way for corporations/brands to reach millions of eyeballs worldwide. The media are seen as playing a key role in attracting large sports sponsorship deals, a main sport that has little media coverage has little hope of sponsorship. Sports are therefore increasingly dependent on the media for their survival.

5 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Leekes & The Vale Resort 20 years of sponsorship in Welsh sport Llanelli RFC, CCFC, Blues and over 10 local clubs, athletics, basketball, golf, squash as well as local schools and charities Over £2.5 million investment over this time

6 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Benefits to the Sponsor can be wide ranging and include: Increased brand /product awareness Improved corporate image Product positioning Enhancement of an advertising campaign Client entertainment Tax deductions!!!

7 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship What can you offer a potential sponsor Display of logo/brand identity on athletes/equipment (eg racing cars) Display of signage at event site Naming rights to event, series competition or team Client entertainment Personal endorsements by athletes/players/coaches Identification in PR material and communications Promotional displays at events Provision of equipment

8 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Why do organizations sponsor sports? Companies that sponsor sports naturally want the added value and marketing benefits gained from association with a sport or event. By value, this points to product quality, brand positioning, increased awareness of price or product. Sports sponsorship can be used as leverage to stand out among other competitors, and in turn create for themselves a position where consumers can remember the name, and possibly have permanent brand recognition.

9 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Sports sponsorship does not only apply to major companies but also to small businesses as well. The general idea of brand awareness is still applied and the only difference is the level or scale it covers.

10 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Key sponsorship benefits: - Brand Awareness – an objective to increase customer awareness. - Brand Image –an objective to create a specific style and/or personality that distinguishes a brand from its other competitors. Consumer relations –an objective to directly involve themselves with consumers and potential clients. - Community relations -A more altruistic approach, wherein the company is concerned about the welfare of a community; and so supporting a sports event can make themselves know to the community. - Employee relations -this objective for a corporation is to promote employee loyalty that will in the long term be very beneficial to the business.

11 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship What can your sport expect in return: Raised profile of your sport Money !!

12 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Preparing a sponsorship proposal. Think – why should this company sponsor my sport / event, be aware of their current marketing strategy and brand position. Benefits – clear and concise and brief Cost – be realistic, far to many proposals are overpriced Decision – speak to the decision maker whenever possible. Positive – you love your sport, convey that enthusiasm.

13 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship The 2008 -2010 Swalec Wales Cup Golf Tournament. An agreement where the sponsor rights are clearly defined and media coverage expectations agreed.

14 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Swalec Wales Cup benefits: Event naming Logo incorporation Title sponsor marks / PR launch Advertising signage Verbal inclusion Pro-am event Accommodation Hospitality

15 Welsh Sport & Sponsorship Corporate golf membership Corporate hospitality Grass roots programme via Wales Golf Union Employee benefits Media exposure guarantees and qualification

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