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“A Modest Proposal” Objective:

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1 “A Modest Proposal” Objective:
To analyze a text using the chunking method and various activities (discussion, text analysis, note taking) in order to comprehend the author's claim so I can respond, in writing, to a prompt.

2 Quickwrite “Satire is a sort of glass wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own; which is the chief reason for that kind reception it meets with in the world, and that so very few are offended with it.” ~Jonathan Swift, Explain what this quote means in your own words and if you agree or disagree.

3 Paragraphs 1-6 Collect 6-10 words that you need to clarify
Define each word. Explain your connotations of each word. What tone words would you use to describe this type of diction What is the problem in Ireland?

4 SOAPSTone What is the speaker’s background – where is he from? What is his social class? Is he Irish or English? Is he rich or poor? What perspective does he have? What kind of personality does the speaker seem to have from the language he uses in paragraphs 1 -6? This is not the same person as Swift. What is Swift doing by creating this other persona? What does Swift want the reader to think about this speaker? O-occasion, A-audience, P-purpose, S-subject, T-tone

5 Paragraphs 7-9 Swift’s essay turns from mildly ironic to darkly satirical. What key phrases, in your opinion, most indicative of this turn? Write a complex sentence in which you describe the shift from mildly ironic to darkly satirical using supporting details from the text. --You should create a compound/complex sentence with a transition word and correct punctuation.

6 Paragraphs 10-20 Process Analysis: explains HOW by describing the process or the steps that will need to happen to achieve a desired outcome Describe the process analysis that happens in paragraphs 10-20

7 Paragraphs 21-26 Between paragraphs 21 – 26, Swift delineates various arguments to support his proposal. Identify three of the arguments and explain the underlying premises that they rely on. *You may want to look up the definition of “premise” to help accomplish this task.

8 Paragraphs 27-30 What is an expedient?
What does Swift suggest as “other expedients”? Is Swift’s argument to not attempt these satirical? Why or why not?

9 Paragraph 32 Transform paragraph 32 into the literal, serious argument that Swift is making in this essay. It is possible to do this only by deleting certain words, but you may want to add certain words if the deletion task proves too challenging.

10 Writing Prompt

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