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May 2013 Supervisor Ins.RamezKhaldi Luay A. Aghbar (10715641) Husni H. Malysha (10824938) Mohammad S. Ahmad (10825466) Yousif F.Abdi (10821885)

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Presentation on theme: "May 2013 Supervisor Ins.RamezKhaldi Luay A. Aghbar (10715641) Husni H. Malysha (10824938) Mohammad S. Ahmad (10825466) Yousif F.Abdi (10821885)"— Presentation transcript:

1 May 2013 Supervisor Ins.RamezKhaldi Luay A. Aghbar (10715641) Husni H. Malysha (10824938) Mohammad S. Ahmad (10825466) Yousif F.Abdi (10821885)


3 Building Description  Al-Basateen Trading Center located in city downtown, Nablus city. It evaluate 533 meter above of the sea level. The building face sits at the west north orientation where the wind speed greater than 5 m/s.  Al-Basateen Trading Center consists of nine floors; each floor has approximately 1550 m 2.

4 Inside and Outside Design condition Palestine in general divided into six climatology regions. Nablus sit in forth region according to the Palestinian code. The parameters design is shown in table ParametersT in ToTo T un TgTg Φ in Φ out W in W out Winter224.7319.730%70%4.93.7 Summer2430282960%52%11.213.9

5 Overall heat transfer coefficient, U overall Overall heat transfer coefficient depends on the construction of the unit.

6 External walls The external walls consists mainly from glass. There are some areas has a different construction consists of five different materials construct ion Thickn ess X (m) Thermal conductivity K (w/m.C) 1 Plaster0.031.2 2 Cement brick 0.10.95 3 insulation0.030.04 4 Concrete0.101.75 5 Stone0.071.7

7 External walls 

8 Internal walls Const ructio n Thick ness[ m] Thermal conductivit y k[w/m.C) 1 Plaste r 0.061.2 2Ceme nt brick 0.10.95

9 Ceiling The ceiling wall construction consists of four different materials Layer Number Constructi on Thickness X(m) Thermal conductivit y K 1 Asphalt mix 0.020.7 4Concrete0.051.75 2 Cement brick 0.180.95 3Insulation0.020.04 4Concrete0.061.75 5Plaster0.021.2

10 Ceiling

11 Type Overall heat transfer coefficient w/m2.K Outside wall Glass walls 1.4 Construction 0.88 internal wall2.53 Ceiling1.11 Glass6.7 Steel door5.8 Wood door1.5 summary of overall heat transfer coefficient for each element

12 HVAC SYSTEM : Heating load calculation 12

13 Heating load sources : 1- Walls 2- Roofs 3- Windows 4- Doors 5- Basement Walls Basement Floors 6- Infiltration Ventilation 13

14 Heating load results for each floor: FloorsHeating Load KW Second Basment0 First Basement0 Ground Floor 182.6 Ground Floor 267.5 First floor69.8 Second floor50.8 Third floor51.4 Forth floor42.8 Fifth Floor42.8 Sixth floor42.8 Seventh floor42.8 Eighth floor60.7 14

15 Ex. of heating load for 4 th floor each room: 4 th floorHeating load(W) office12696.8 office23270.6 office32867 office42643 reception3472.6 office62655.2 office72896.6 office82344.4 office92376 office102796 office113588.6 office123606.2 office133326.8 office143003.6 service1269.2 15

16 Cooling load calculation: 16

17 Sources of cooling load 17

18 Cooling load factors: Values of CLTD, LM, K, and CLTDcorr westeastnorthsouthRoof CLTD91661116 LM000.5-2.21.1 K0.65 0.5 (CLTD)cor r7.9512.56.3257.8210.65 18

19 SHG, SC, CLF, CLTD FOR glass. WestEastNorthSouth SHG675 139189 SC0.64 CLF0.490.240.70.43 CLTD8888 19

20 CLF values: Cooling load factor (CLF) Occupants0.84 from (A-11) Lighting0.84 from (A-12) Equipments0.87 from (A-17) 20

21 Total cooling load: FloorsSensible CoolingLatent Cooling Total Cooling Load KW Second Basment000 First Basment000 Ground Floor 1105.915.4121.3 Ground Floor 294.613.9108.5 First floor87.516.8104.3 Second floor89.218.1107.3 Third floor73.716.490.1 Forth floor60.211.271.4 Fifth Floor60.211.271.4 Sixth floor60.211.271.4 Seventh floor60.211.271.4 Eighth floor79.89.689.4 21

22 Exp. Of cooling load for 4 th floor: 4 th floorTotal coolingTotal sensible office15239.7594825.759 office23584.3972756.397 office33002.0682312.068 office43585.7092895.709 reciption10700.029872.021 office65452.9754486.975 office75377.2554549.255 office87646.647094.64 office93718.8133028.813 office103187.6612497.661 office113429.8192601.819 office123389.7832423.783 office134642.9273538.927 office146273.1375445.137 service2165.4451889.445 22

23 VRV system  The design by using the tools of daikin company xpress 23

24 24

25 25

26 26

27 27

28 28

29 29

30 30

31 31

32 Result from report exp. In 4 th floor ModelQtyDescription RXYQ44P81 Heat pump VRV III P COMPACT FXCQ32M81 C - 2-way blow ceiling mounted cassette FXMQ100P71 M - Concealed ceiling unit (large) FXMQ125P71 M - Concealed ceiling unit (large) FXMQ200MA1 M - Concealed ceiling unit (large) FXMQ40P75 M - Concealed ceiling unit (large) FXMQ50P72 M - Concealed ceiling unit (large) FXMQ63P71 M - Concealed ceiling unit (large) FXMQ80P73 M - Concealed ceiling unit (large) KHRQ22M20T1 REFNET branch piping kit KHRQ22M29T92 REFNET branch piping kit KHRQ22M64T4 REFNET branch piping kit KHRQ22M75T7 REFNET branch piping kit BHFQ22P15171 Outdoor unit multi connection piping kit for 3 outdoors 32 1)quantity results

33 33

34 2)Ventilation results NameFCUAirflow cfm serviceFXCQ32M8318 office14FXMQ100P71130 office13FXMQ63P7689 office12FXMQ40P7565 office1FXMQ80P7883 office2FXMQ40P7565 office11FXMQ40P7565 office3FXMQ40P7565 office10FXMQ40P7565 office4FXMQ50P7636 office9FXMQ50P7636 reciptionFXMQ200MA2048 office6FXMQ80P7883 office7FXMQ80P7883 office8FXMQ125P71377 34

35 35


37 Ventilation system 37

38 Fresh air value for each floor FloorsVent ( CFM ) Second Basement12588 First Basement12914 Ground Floor 13517 Ground Floor 23221 First floor3502 Second floor3308 Third floor3203 Forth floor1980 Fifth Floor1980 Sixth floor1980 Seventh floor1980 Eighth floor1980 38

39 Exp. Fresh air for each room 4 th floor roomsL/SCFM0 office160132 office260132 office350110 office450110 reciption60132 office670154 office760132 office860132 office950110 office1050110 office1160132 office1270154 office1380176 office1460132 service60132 39

40 Fans calculation and selections FanCFMPM3/hrModel No For Basements Fresh air 25500130Pa41434HRZS07-710 For Basement Exhaust air 26650140pa43303HRZS07-710 For All other floors fresh air 26650140pa43303HRZS07-710 For All floors Bathroom Exhaust air 10040pa43303R 125 STAHL 40

41 Basement2 floor fresh air 41

42 Basement floor exhaust 42

43 Tube fan for bathroom exhaust 43

44 Potable water system 44

45 Hot water system: hot water plumping fixture unit in building: Size of pipe (in) No. of fixture Type of fixture 3/8 1.5Lavatory 1/22.25Service sink 45

46 Hot water flow rate and pipe size for the main pipe that entered to each floor: Floor nameTotal F.Uflow rate (L/S) Pipe Size ( in ) ground floor1 151.1051 ground floor2 151.1051 first floor 391.641.25 second floor 34.51.571.25 third floor 33.751.541.25 fourth floor 50.251.851.25 fifth floor 50.251.851.25 sixth floor 50.251.851.25 seventh floor 50.251.851.25 eighth floor 50.251.851.25 Total fixture unit in the building= 389 46

47 Distribution of steel Hot water pipe supply in ground floor: Name service sink lav.Total F.U flow rate (L/S) Pipe Size ( in ) collector 1 0460.680.75 collector 2 0690.861 47

48 48

49 Riser sizing: NameTotal F.Uflow rate (L/S)Pipe Size ( in ) Basement2_G1 3896.482.5 G2 3746.292.5 1st 358.56.092.5 2nd 319.55.592.5 3rd 2855.172 4th 251.254.742 5th 2014.112 6th 150.753.452 7th 100.52.741.5 8th 50.251.841.25 49

50 Pump selection: NameP ( Kpa ) P residual34 Phead353 Pfri+fiting24 Total Head 411 P pump=411 KP Q pump=6.48 L/s From wilo company we select circulating pump NL 40/200-5.5 50

51 Boiler cylinder circulating pump:  Q= 6.8 L/s (same to the building flow rate pump because it depend on boiler capacity)  P= 6.75 m  From WILO we select a circulating pump model number IBL 50/115-0.75/2 51

52 Boiler selection:  From IPC code :for office and stories we need 4L/person/day personWater needed(L/person) G1179716 G2179716 1st194776 2nd185740 3rd179716 4th83332 5th83332 6th83332 7th83332 8th83332 Total domestic hot water=5324 L From PARKER HOT WATER BOILER We select the model T1460 with capacity of 288 KW. 52

53 Storage tank (cylinder) selection: the selection is depend on boiler capacity(288KW) this table from catalogue : A 3 hot water cylinder are selected with capacity of 2000 liters ( 2 *Q50 + 1 * Q40). 53

54 Expansion tank selection: depend on boiler capacity and this table from IPC cod Boiler capacity(KW)Tank volume(L) 29100 58200 87250 116500 190750 2801000 From aqua system company we selected a VBV series 1000 liters expansion tank 54

55 In the mechanical room you can see All of last component *volume of domestic cold water tank 18 M3/day for 3 day 54 M3 *volume of fire fighting tank for 90 min.=255 m^3 *Total volume of the tank=310 m^3 55

56 Cold Water

57 Plumbing System in Building There are many type of fixture that used in the building and there size of every pipe in the fixture are establishing from the international standard code Size of pipe (in) No. of fixture Type of fixture 1/2, 3/810 Water closet ( w.c ) 1/2, 3/81.5Lavatory 1/22.25 Service sink The specification for each fixture in the building is public usage and flush valve.

58 Cold water The Total fixture units in building Total F.U in the building is 1918 F.U. service sinklav.WCTotal F.U ground floor1010 115 ground floor201011125 first floor223 269 second floor22019224.5 third floor12120233.75 fourth floor1314 190.25 fifth floor1314 190.25 sixth floor1314 190.25 seventh floor1314 190.25 eighth floor1314 190.25

59 Cold water Flow rate and pipe size for each floor. Floor nameTotal F.Uflow rate (L/S) Pipe Size ( in ) ground floor11154.572 ground floor21254.72 first floor2646.422.5 second floor2206.12.5 third floor2326.252.5 fourth floor1615.562.5 fifth floor1615.562.5 sixth floor1615.562.5 seventh floor1615.562.5 eighth floor1615.562.5

60 Cold water Flow rate and pipe size Risers NameTotal F.Uflow rate (L/S) Pipe Size ( in ) Basement2_G11918.519.924 G21803.519.24 1st1678.516.54 2nd1409.516.34 3rd118514.94 4th951.2513.14 5th76111.23 6th570.759.33 7th380.58.013 8th190.285.52.5

61 cold water Pump head NameP ( Kpa ) P residual102 Phead353 Pfri+fiting24 Total Head 479 Flow rate and head for cold water pump P pump=480 KP Q pump=19.92 L/s

62 Two WILO BL 50/220 pumps were selected. A suitable VAV 750 from AQUASYSTEM pressure tank was selected

63 Drainage System in Building There are many type of fixture that used in the building and there sizes of every pipe in the fixture are mentioned, they are establishing from the international standard code. Size of pipe ( in )No.of fixtureType of fixture 46Water closet 21Lavatory 22Service sink 23Floor drain

64 The design of drainage system applied as follows:  Every stacks contains many fixture are groups and there are many no. of stacks in each floor.  The vent design of the stack pipes equal 4 in until reach the last floor it becomes equal 4 in, so that to obtain a good ventilation to drainage system in the building.  Many manholes were used for collecting the all drainage water

65 The design of drainage system applied as follows  Every 100m 2 needs a floor drain in the roofs to collect rain water.  A septic tank was designed ( 2*3*2) to collect waste water in second basement.   A two submerged pumps (WILO TS 50 H 111/11) was selected with 10m3/h flow and 10m head.




69 Fire fitting system 69

70 Fire Fighting system design 1) Sprinklers  Ex. Sprinklers for basement 1 : 1200 M2 99 ordinary hazard 12M2 4.6 M 1.95 M area no of sprinkllers type of sprinkllers Area coverd by spr MAX dis. Between 2 spr. radius of sprinkller flow 70

71 Pipe Sizing for Sprinklers sizeno of SPR. 12 1 1/43 1 1/25 210 2 1/220 340 3 1/265 4100 5160 6275 71

72 72

73 .2) Landing Valves and Cabinets  A) Landing valves flow rate and sizing flow rate 250GPM 100GPM 750GPM 500GPM unit landing valve capinates riser pipe(riser_floor) size 2.5" 1.5" 4" 73

74 رسمة 74

75 Pumps calculation P residual P head P fric+fit P pump ( PSI ) Flow rate pump jockey pump 100PSI 51.88PSI 31.12808 183 750GPM 188PSI 8GPM 75

76 Pumps Specifications pump type Electrical Jockey Diseal Q 750GPM 8GPM 750 GPM P 12.5bar 13 bar 12.5 bar 76

77 Pumps model selections : pump type Electrical Jockey Diesel Model WILO NPG 100-315A WILO Helix V 1616-1 WILO NPG 100-315A 77

78 Tank volume :  Volume = 255 m^3.  Time operation : 90 min. 78

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