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Shakespeare by Marisa Zimmerman, Kourtney koopman,

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1 Shakespeare by Marisa Zimmerman, Kourtney koopman,

2 Shakespeare's life William Shakespeare was born in Stratford upon Avon on April 23 1564 William started to show the world his acting talents in his mid 2o’s.

3 What clothing did they where The clothing they whore were very fancy and expensive that visitors from France were a little envious. They got their clothing from old clothing stores and from servants that weren’t allowed to wear that fancy of clothing.

4 Shakespeare’s comedies -All’s well that ends well – -as you like it -A comedy of errors -Cymbeline -Love labors lost -Measure for measure -the merry wives of Windsor -the merchant of dream Venice -a mid summers night - much ado about nothing -Pericles, prince or Tyre -teaming of the shrew -the tempest -Troilus and Cressida -the twelfth night -two gentlemen of Verona -winters tale

5 history plays from Shakespeare Henry the fourth part 1 Henry the fourth part 2 Henry the fifth Henry the sixth part 1 Henry the sixth part 2 Henry the sixth part 3 Henry the eighth King jhon






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