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Manvel High School 8th Grade Parent Meeting January 2015.

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1 Manvel High School 8th Grade Parent Meeting January 2015

2 Topics Discussed O State assessments O Graduation requirements O Naviance (Road Trip Nation) O Course Registration process O Upcoming meetings

3 Manvel High School Counselors Mrs. Alfredia Foster (Lead Counselor) Mrs. Valerie Hoffpauir (A-C) Mrs. Enitsha Cooper (D-G) Mrs. Jamie McRae (H-Mem) Ms. Joy Helton (Men-R) Ms. Amanda Wade (S-Z) Mrs. Kushana Collier (College and Career) Mrs. Monica Silvas (ACC Dual Credit Advisor)

4 End of Course (EOC) exams O Must pass all FIVE (5) exams O Algebra I O English I (Reading & Writing) O Biology O English II (Reading & Writing) O U.S. History

5 Graduation Requirements O Foundation Curriculum O ELA – 4 credits O Math – 3 credits O Social Studies – 3 credits O Science – 3 credits

6 Graduation Requirements… O Foundation Curriculum continues… O Language other than English – 2 credits O Fine Arts – 1 credit O Physical Education – 1 credit O Speech – ½ credit O Electives – 4 ½ credits O Total – 22 credits

7 Graduation Requirements… O Endorsements O Arts and Humanities O Business and Industry O Public Service O STEM O Multidisciplinary Studies

8 Graduation Requirements… O Endorsement includes: O 1 advanced Math credit O 1 advanced Science credit O 2 Electives (endorsement chosen) O TOTAL: 26 credits, including endorsements

9 Endorsements STEM Science Technology Engineering Advanced Math Business and Industry Agriculture Architecture Audio/Video Technology Finance/Marketing Hospitality Information Technology Management Manufacturing Transportation

10 Endorsements Public Services Education/Training Health Sciences Human Services JROTC Arts & Humanities Social Studies Languages other than English Fine Arts English

11 Endorsements Multidisciplinary Studies Advanced courses from one or among endorsement areas, four credits in each of the four core subject areas, four credits in advanced placement or dual credit

12 Distinguished Level of Achievement O Algebra II Success O Foundation curriculum with an endorsement O Required for top 10% automatic admission

13 Naviance (Road Trip Nation)

14 Course selection O English 1 O Math (Algebra 1, Geometry or Algebra 2) O Biology O World Geography or Human Geography O PE or Athletics O Fine Arts or Foreign Language O Principles class (related to endorsement)

15 Upcoming Meetings Saturday January 24 th – CTE Extravaganza (MHS; 10:00 – 1:00 pm)

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