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Swans Trumpeter swan Tundra swan Mute swan. Trumpeter Swan.

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1 Swans Trumpeter swan Tundra swan Mute swan

2 Trumpeter Swan

3 Tundra Swan

4 Mute Swan

5 Geese Canada goose Greater white-fronted goose Snow goose Ross’ goose Brant

6 Canada Goose (not Canadian Goose!)

7 Greater White-fronted Goose

8 Snow Goose white morph blue morph

9 Ross’ Goose Snow goose on left; Ross’ goose on right

10 Brant

11 Puddle Ducks Mallard American black duck American wigeon and Eurasian wigeon Blue-winged teal Cinnamon teal Green-winged teal Gadwall Northern pintail Northern shoveler Wood duck

12 Mallard Male Female

13 American Black Duck Male on left; Female on right

14 American Wigeon

15 Eurasian Wigeon Eurasian wigeon with American wigeon

16 Gadwall female male

17 Blue-winged Teal Female Male

18 Cinnamon Teal male female

19 Green- winged Teal female male

20 Northern Shoveler female male

21 Northern Pintail Female Male

22 Wood Duck female male

23 Bay Ducks Canvasback Greater scaup Lesser scaup Redhead Ring-necked duck

24 Canvasback male female

25 Redhead female male

26 Lesser Scaup male female

27 Greater Scaup female male

28 Ring-necked Duck

29 Sea Ducks Bufflehead Barrow’s goldeneye Common goldeneye Harlequin duck Long-tailed duck Common merganser Hooded merganser Red-breasted merganser Common eider Spectacled eider King eider Steller’s eider Black scoter Surf scoter White-winged scoter

30 Bufflehead female male

31 Harlequin Duck male female male

32 Common Goldeneye male female

33 Barrow’s Goldeneye female male

34 Long-tailed Duck male female

35 Common Merganser male female

36 Red-breasted Merganser Male Female

37 Hooded Merganser

38 Eiders Common Eider Spectacled Eider King Eider Steller’s Eider

39 Scoters Black Scoter Surf Scoter White-winged Scoter

40 Stiff-tailed Ducks Ruddy duck

41 Ruddy Duck

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