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BY DAVID WROBLEWSKI The Story of Edgar Sawtelle Ashton Evans.

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1 BY DAVID WROBLEWSKI The Story of Edgar Sawtelle Ashton Evans

2 David Wroblewski Born in Wisconsin near where The Story of Edgar Sawtelle is set Raised on a farm where his mother raised dogs most of his life Has lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado Attended University of Wisconsin where he started as a theater major, switched to computer sciences, and finally graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts The Story of Edgar Sawtelle was his first book.

3 Background Story set in Chequamegon National Forest, near where Wroblewski grew up Modern day “Hamlet” Used Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book”, Shakespeare, and Stephen King as inspiration Main character is a mute who can communicate best with the dogs they raise Basis of story comes from past and childhood of growing up in rural Wisconsin, raising dogs

4 Background continued Edgar was born mute and lives on a farm with his parents raising dogs. Edgar’s uncle reappears in their lives and his dad dies Claude, the uncle, starts to force himself into their lives Tries to prove Claude’s a murder Edgar leaves but returns to prove Claude killed his father Claude poisons Edgar and they both die in a fire in the barn

5 Important Characters Edgar Sawtelle- Main character, a mute Trudy-Edgar’s mother Gar- Edgar’s father who is killed by Claude Claude- Edgar’s uncle, Gar’s murderer

6 Conflicts Claude vs. Gar- greed towards power Claude vs. Edgar- revenge towards killer Edgar vs. wilderness-struggle for survival Edgar vs. self- isolation from being mute

7 Themes & Motifs Family- how does this change before and after Claude comes Revenge-why is this important Truth-who is Claude really Anger-towards Claude Murder-lots of it Fate-how do their actions seal their fate Isolation-how does Edgar being mute affect him

8 Symbols Edgar’s mute- ability to see more than others, isolation Dogs-companionship Ghost-truth, purity

9 Author’s Style Prose-straight to the point and lacking flowery language Not many metaphors “natural and unfettered” voice

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