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Unit 8 In the Spotlight ---by Xiao Hengbi October 25 th, 2008.

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1 Unit 8 In the Spotlight ---by Xiao Hengbi October 25 th, 2008

2 In this unit, we will 1.get to know the life stories of some public figures. 2.learn to look at celebrities from different perspectives 3.practice public speech skills and do library and website research

3 Warm-up Directions: Look at photographs of some famous people below. Work with your partner to match the names and the pictures and then tell each other what you know about each person. Marilyn MonroeBill Gates Michael JordanDiana Spencer Ernesto Che Guevara SernaAlbert Einstein


5 Section one I counldn’t take my eyes off him Task 1 listening in Monologue —Brief Encounters (P118-119) Directions: Listen to a woman describing the time She met Paul Newman during a rehearsal in a theatre. Take notes on some specific information. 1. Paul Newman’s physical appearance: 2. The speaker’s action, feelings and reactions:

6 Words and Expressions tongue-tied adj. speechless, esp. with embarrassment or shyness dope n. (Informal) a stupid person; a dolt. dapper adj. neatly dressed; trim

7 More expressions to describe man ★ Build: robust,well-built/solid, mascular ★ Some distinctive features: beard, moustache, side-burns, unshaven, clean- shaven, broad-shouldered, bushy eyebrows

8 Speak out: 1. Which actor or musician would you like to meet most? What do you know about him/her? 2. Describe to us his/her physical appearance.

9 Dialogue 2—They Make History (P119) Directions: Listen to the conversation about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and fill in the blanks for Dr. King’s biography

10 Further discussion : 1. What is the title of Dr. King’s speech delivered the night before his death? 2. Has his dream been fulfilled? What do you know about the present status of Afro-Americans in the United States?

11 Section Two Becoming Famous Task 1 News Report 1-----Google Guys Prelistening Activity: Introduce your favourite website, and tell others what service or information does it offer.

12 Listen to the news and do the exercises on p. 122-123

13 Group Discussion after Listening Sum up what lead to Google’s founders’ success. You can refer to Google’s founders’ backgounds, their life experiences and their life philosophy, and relate to the other information you know about they two.

14 Individual Speech Making Suppose you were Sergey Brin or Larry Page, accepted an invitation from the Students’ Union of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, you were about to give a speech to the students on tips on setting up your own cooperation. Prepare for this five-minute speech.

15 Section Three Hounding the Celebrities Warm-up: Let’s try google for Britney Spears! Thousands and thousands of webpages and pictures come into our view. Besides google, who else made this possible for us?

16 The paparazzi is indispensable in the course.

17 News Report 2--- Paparazzi is Talking 1. Listen for main idea for the first time, do the exercise on p126. 2. Listen to it for two more times, do the exercises on p126-127

18 Question: 1. According to the paparazzi’s definition, what does “going long” mean? 2. What could the paparrazi be facing if he succeeded in taking a “going long” shot of a celebrity and puts it on the websites afterwards?

19 an extra video for reference Watch the news clip and answer the questions below: 1. What are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie do to the paparazzi? Why? 2. For the Actress Sandy Miller, why is she sueing two British newspapers?

20 Debate In news report 2, a paparazzo sees his role as: “I am part of the entertainment industry. And without me or without paparazzi out there, you know, celebrities won’t be who they are.” Do you agree on it or not? How do you look at the relationship between paparazzi and the celebrities? Form groups of eight. In each group 4 members belong to the pro side and 4 belong to the con side. Prepare for your arguments and the supporting ideas, then have a 30-minute debate.

21 Further Listening News Report 3---Gates Moves on

22 Listen to the news and do the exercises on p130.

23 A Project Work for Unit 8 -----complie an e-book of our own: Person of Our Era ----a Handbook for Youth

24 How does our book come into being? work in groups of four, 1.decide on a name that we think made a difference in our world, some research work on this person, including his/her background, education, life experiences, achievements and the impact on our generation. 3. arrange our information in good order and put it into an e-document and send it to our class email box.

25 And then our monitor will: 1.go through all the e-documents, and classify them into several catergories, the cover, write a preface, do the table of contents and put the chapters in and insert the page number, 3.Lastly, put everything in the right place. So this is our book!

26 After we read our own book, we surely begin to know the world better. And also this makes our next game possible.

27 A game: Celebrity Interview (pair work) ★ You are to do an interview job. One is the interviewer, and the other who acts as the celebrity is the interviewee. ★ During the interview the name of the celebrity is not allowed to be revealed. But relevant questions and answers are welcome. ★ When the audience shout out the name of the celebrity, your interview faces the end.

28 Enrichment Reading Divine Trash: the Psychology of Celebrity obsession

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