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Unit 14 Careers Unit 14 Careers Lesson 3 Nine To Five (1) 寿县安丰高中高二英语教研组.

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1 Unit 14 Careers Unit 14 Careers Lesson 3 Nine To Five (1) 寿县安丰高中高二英语教研组

2 Objectives To practise making inferences To develop strategies for working out meaning from context To practise making reported speech

3 New words Inspect Pay off Glory Constantly Beneath

4 New words &Job Guessing “My job is to inspect all streets in this district every day, I need to keep an eye on one or two thieves.” This guy could be a policeman.

5 inspect: to look at something or someone carefully in order to discover information, especially about their quality or condition

6 All his hard work paid off in the end, he finally took a role in the movie. He could be an actor. pay off: the result of a set of actions, or an explanation at the end of something.

7 He celebrated in the glory of scoring three goals in the final 8 minutes. He/She could be a football player.

8 glory:great honour and praise which you earn by doing something successfully.

9 He's constantly changing his language and writing style, and he believes this story will be the best-seller. He could be a writer. constantly:all the time or frequently

10 “When we got to the house, the fire was fierce and it was very dangerous, luckily we found the little baby beneath a big desk. She was sleeping on the floor.” This guy could be a fire fighter. beneath:in or to a lower position than, under

11 Fast reading What does Wang Junyan do? She is the presenter for Universe TV’s news programmes.

12 Scanning reading Read the text to match the main ideas with paragraphs. Complete a chart.

13 Vocabulary exercises for reading comprehension

14 Read the article “The Road to Success”, then answer the questions below. 1. What did Wang Junyan do with her mother that taught her to be curious? They would turn over stones and look at the little creatures. Detailed reading

15 2. What made Wang Junyan realize the importance of being a journalist? Her report on an illegal business. 3. What did Wang Junyan like most about being a reporter? She found it interesting and challenging.

16 4. What does Wang Junyan’s story tell you about success? Suggested answer: One should be curious, interested and paticient (never give up) in what he does in order to succeed.

17 Post reading A topic for discussing: What do you think about “the road to success”, besides what mentioned in the text, what else do you think are necessary to achieve one’s success?(using the key words)

18 Homework Ex.4 on Page 37 Ex.1,2 on Page 70

19 Lesson 3 Nine To Five (2) Reported Speech

20 Lead-in Would you please find out the following sentences with the same meanings in the text?

21 Wang Junyan said that her mother’s attitude towards life would never stop influencing her thoughts and actions. --- “… Her attitude _________________________ ________________________.” will never stop influencing my thoughts and actions.

22 She told me that she met a lot of people and went to many different places. She was never bored with that job. --- __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ “I meet a lot of people and go to many different places. I am never bored with this job.”

23 We’re going to study the Reported Speech.

24 Listening and Reported Speech

25 Listen to the interview, to fill in blanks(Direct Speech). Pair work: check answers. Read the report in Ex. 5 on page 27 to fill in Reported Speech and work out the rules on the students’ sheet.

26 Group discussion: exchange their answers. Readi Grammar Summary 4, page 92 and complete the form. Check answers in class.

27 Reported Speech Practice Do Ex. 8 on page 27

28 Language in use Task A:Let students represent the interview based on the passage in Ex. 5 on page 27 and the chart on student’s sheet.

29 Task B: Imagine you interview a famous person who does one of the jobs below. In your notebook, write five sentences that this person says. Then write your interview as a report.(Ex.5, page 71)

30 actor, novelist, footballer, rally driver, rock musician, TV presenter e.g., interview--- I acted in my first film when I was twelve. report--- She said that she had acted in her first film when she was twelve.

31 Homework Ex.on page 70,71


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