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THE OFFICE OF SPONSORED PROJECTS Closeouts. Agenda The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Grant Life Cycle Common Reporting Requirements and Timelines.

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2 Agenda The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Grant Life Cycle Common Reporting Requirements and Timelines The Pre-award Closeout Process The Office of Post-award Management

3 The Office of Sponsored Projects Rachell Reilly – Director Amanda Miller – Manager, Contracts Emily Lacy – Manager, Grants Dina Caplinger – Specialist III Jonathan Spencer – Specialist III Andrea Selmon – Specialist III Angela Fazarro – Specialist III Brian Scott - Specialist I Rebecca Everett – ASO III

4 Our Mission To coordinate the preparation, submission and management of externally funded research projects, educate researchers about funding opportunities and sponsor policies, and negotiate terms for research contracts.

5 Grant Life Cycle Finding Funding Proposal Development Project Set-up Award Management Award Closeout

6 Common Grant Closeout Reports Technical Report  Description of the research performed, includes significant results, publications resulting from the project, etc. Property Report  List of capitalized equipment or property purchased with grant funds. Invention Report  List of all inventions conceived or first reduced to practice during the project. Financial Report  Details how grant funds were expended during the project and includes the balance of unobligated funds to be returned to the Sponsor. Other Reports  As required by the terms and conditions of award.

7 Common Contract Closeout Reports Closeout reports determined by the contract itself.  Possible Reports:  Technical Report – same as Grant Final Technical Report. May include final deliverables.  Financial Report – Same as Grant Financial Report. If a fixed- price contract, any unobligated balance is retained by the university and financial reports may not be required.  Other as required by Sponsor.

8 Common Reporting Timelines Most reports are due within 90 days after the project period ends. Failure to submit complete and accurate reports by the due date can result in serious consequences for both the PI and the university.

9 OSP Notifications 90 days prior to the end date of a grant or contract:  OSP sends an email notifying the PI. The PI’s departmental administrator is copied on the email.  If an grant extension is needed, PI must contact their Grants Specialist. OSP is copied on email correspondence from most federal Sponsors regarding due or overdue reports.

10 Report Submission When OSP assistance is needed to submit reports:  PI completes all reports and forwards them to OSP.  OSP receives institutional approval for the Property and Invention reports by contacting Property Management and the Office of Technology Commercialization.  Once institutional approval is received, reports are submitted to the Sponsor. When OSP assistance is not required:  PI submits reports directly to the Sponsor and provides a copy to OSP.

11 OSP Process Grants Specialist confirms all reports have been submitted – or all contract terms and conditions have been satisfied. Grants Specialist marks the grant/contract as ‘closed’ internally and forwards closeout paperwork to the OSP Director for approval. Once approved, the closeout paperwork is forwarded to The Office of Post-award Management, the Office of Finance, and the PI’s department administrator for processing.

12 Contacting OSP OSP Main Office – x2313 Rebecca Everett – x4313 Rachell Reilly – x2040 Amanda Miller – x4575 Emily Lacy – x4572 Dina Caplinger – x2312 Jonathan Spencer – x2041 Angela Fazarro – x4622 Andrea Selmon – x2315 Brian Scott – x4552

13 Websites OSP (current PI lists) Researchers Guide Forms


15 OFFICE OF POST AWARD MANAGEMENT  Lori Taccino, Director  Kelly Mckinney, Assistant Director  Jinger Rosa-Booth, Financial Analyst  Lesley Stephenson, Post Award Management Specialist  LaKeshia Stringfellow, Post Award Management Specialist  Cindy Sutton, Financial Analyst

16 POST AWARD CLOSEOUT  Once OSP sends out the Closeout form to the departments, OPM will begin to review the documents and continue with processing the closing of the grant.  OPM will check the date to make sure the closeout is commencing at least 90 days after the expiration date.  OPM will reduce the budget to actuals, upon notification from Accounting that they have completed their final bill.  OPM will change the Bill Plan and Revenue Plan to “completed”, in order to change the contract line to “closed”. The Project status is also changed to “closed” within the Grants Module.

17 POST AWARD CLOSEOUT CON’T  OPM will work with the department on removing expenses off the grant, if the budget is overdrawn, in order to bring the budget to zero and finalize the closeout.  OPM will notify Accounting that the contract is closed within the Grants Module.

18 CLOSEOUT CHECKLIST  This checklist will remind the department what actions need to be taken in order to ensure a smooth closeout of a grant:  Initiate PAFs to move future salary/benefit charges to a new account  Cease telecommunication, postage, & equipment charges  Evaluate the account to ensure there is enough budget to cover known future expenditures.  Analyze the account for any charges that may be in question.

19 GUIDELINES  Please make sure that all documents (vouchers, Purchase Orders, etc) are processed as soon as possible.  No expenses can be incurred past the end date of the grant.  Only expenses incurred before the end date can be charged to the award.  Department can’t spend remaining funding once grant has expired.

20 The Role of the Office of Finance  The Office of Finance is responsible for closing the cost center in PeopleSoft.  They are responsible for completing the final financial report, sending the final bill to the sponsor according to the agreement terms, reviewing encumbrances, & ensuring all invoices have been paid.


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