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Overview of Research and Sponsored Programs May 13, 2010.

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1 Overview of Research and Sponsored Programs May 13, 2010

2 External Funding Opportunities--Web tools uCOS (Community of Science) Located on RSP home page Located at http://www.grants.gov (for federal funds only)

3 Proposal Preparation Budgets? Cost sharing? Certifications? Forms? Signatures? Who you gonna call?!?!

4 Pre-submission Activities  Guidance for Sources of Funding uCoordination of or Liaison with the Various Institutional Support Committees uCorrect Interpretation/Use of Sponsor Guidelines uConsultation on Budget Preparation uReview Standard Form (Administrative) pages for completeness and accuracy uAssure proper research committee authorizations uSecure proper university authorizations –Internal routing through University  Check for completeness and monitor assembly of proposals  Copy and arrange for mailing of proposals  Assist with electronic submissions

5 Compliance Coordination  Human Subjects Institutional Review Board  Laboratory Animal Care & Use Committee (LACUC)  Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)  Security Clearances & Classifications  Conflict of Interest  Radiation Safety Committee  Chemical Health and Safety Activities

6 Post Award Administration Assigns A WSU Banner fund number for project Assists the PI in the orderly administration of the project Notifies PI of due dates for technical reports required by sponsor Acts as liaison between sponsor and PI regarding modifications of award Prepares and submits fiscal reports

7 Technology Transfer To DISCLOSE and PROTECT an invention… To manage your information… To evaluate your technology… To assess marketability… To identify potential commercial partners… To negotiate partnering Agreements that represent best your / WSU’s interests… To start an invention-related business…

8 We look forward to helping you with your proposal submissions in the future.

9 Post-Award Administration Post Award Personnel Glen Jones - Director, Post Award Services Yun Wu – Associate Director Danielle Booth – Grants Accountant II Gene Florkey – Grants Accountant Kim Owens– Grants Accountant Elaine Davis – Grants Accountant Aja Ash – Grants Accountant

10 Post Award Administration What Happens Once Award is Funded? A Grant Fund is assigned in Banner for the award. The award is processed in Filemaker and Banner. The budget is added to Banner. The PI is notified of the grant number. The PI is sent the award packet.

11 Post Award Administration Award Packet Award Letter Copy of Award Budget Salary Letter Cost Share Memo

12 Post Award Administration Subcontracts Negotiate Subcontracts. Initiate Requisition for Subcontract PO. Send Invoices for PI Approval. Provide AP with FOAP to process invoices. Request A-133 confirmations from Subs.

13 Post Award Administration Mandatory and Committed Cost Sharing Set up Activity code in Banner for Cost Share. Set up Cost Share Orgn if necessary. Provide information for cost sharing effort on the quarterly effort report. Document all cost share for audits and reports.

14 Post Award Administration Expenditure Monitoring Review and approve all expenses on grants $5,000 or greater. Approve all requests for procards on grants. Monitor expenses less than $5,000 via exception reports.

15 Post Award Administration Grant Administration Request budget revisions/modifications. Request No-cost extensions. Monitor status of non-financial reports. Send reminders to PI for report due dates. Complete Invention, Property and Close-out Reports. Act as liaison between sponsor and PI.

16 Post Award Administration Cash Management of Grants Deposit all funds received by RSP for grants. Invoice sponsors. Request draws for letter-of-credit grants. Reconcile Grant Payment Clearing Fund. Follow-up on outstanding receivables. Write off bad debts.

17 Post Award Administration Financial Reporting Prepare all quarterly SF425 reports. Prepare all annual SF425 reports. Prepare all Final SF425 reports. Prepare all FERs for ODE grants. Prepare grant specific financial reports as needed.

18 Post Award Administration Current Federally Negotiated F&A Rates* Research On Campus – 45% Off Campus – 26% Other Sponsored Activity On Campus – 35% Off Campus – 26% * Current rates are effective from 7/1/09 – 6/30/11.

19 Post Award Administration OMB Circular A-133 Compliance Requirements Activities Allowable or Unallowable Allowable Costs/Cost Principles Cash Management Davis-Bacon Act Eligibility Equipment and Real Property Management Matching, Level of Effort, Earmarking Period of Availability of Federal Funds Procurement and Suspension and Debarment Program Income Real Property Acquisition and Relocation Assistance Reporting Subrecipient Monitoring

20 Post Award Administration OMB Circulars –A110 – Administrative Requirements –A21 – Cost Principles Allowability Direct vs Indirect Cost –A133 – Federal Audits Compliance Supplement

21 Post Award Administration Grant Close-outs Initiate Final Billing. Initiate Final Reporting. Initiate Cost Overrun entries as needed. Initiate Residual entries as needed. Initiate Budget Reduction Entries as needed. Submit All financial and close-out reports. Terminate grant funds when grant balance is zero and all reports have been submitted.

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