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Katrina Spencer 2014 Montague Partnership August 7MontaguePartnership Log in to - Today’s Meet

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1 Katrina Spencer 2014 Montague Partnership August 7MontaguePartnership Log in to - Today’s Meet

2 Katrina Spencer 2014 Today’s focus is to.. Be absolutely clear about the connections between your area of focus for your site and how this links to the MP Plan priorities To form PLCs to support this work To commit to a start 2 2

3 Katrina Spencer 2014 Pt Augusta – Quorn Partnership Example 3 3

4 Katrina Spencer 2014 Appreciative Inquiry Summary – our success criteria

5 Katrina Spencer 2014  My leadership development/challenge  Connection to my site improvement agenda  Supports the Montague Partnership Plan  Contributes to the DECD Strategic Plan Montague partnership inquiry focus: ‘how do leaders best activate staff to adopt pedagogies and practices that develop globally connected learners?’

6 Katrina Spencer 2014 My perfect partnership day would… 1. PROFESSIONAL LEARNING current research linked to a priority area– focused Supportive of our leadership development 2. BREAKOUT SESSIONS– nuts’n’bolts/management SIP/QIP discussion, target setting, DIAf Single topic eg non fiction texts, capacity building Levels of education catch up 3. PLC - interest groups and may include additional members Targeted to our needs and interests 4. PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS DECD Updates and business, funding etc Monitoring progress of plan

7 Katrina Spencer 2014 Research base re partnership collaboration NCSL Networked Learning Communities 2006 TRIANGLES are the sites connected by THREADS of communication and relationships. These threads give the network its life. The threads come together in KNOTS of activity to realise a common purpose. (PLC meetings, joint business etc) The NET emerges as a light, flexible and adaptive structure, not fixed and constraining.

8 Katrina Spencer 2014 AITSL Design hubs/principles

9 Katrina Spencer 2014 AITSL Design principles Co- created Personal Connected Integrated Recognises both adults and students as a powerful resource for the co-creation of community, the design of learning and the success of all students. Builds from student passions and capabilities; helps students to personalise their learning and assessment in ways that foster engagement and talents. Connects with and uses real-world contexts and contemporary issues; is permeable to the rich resources available in the community and the wider world. Emphasises integration of subjects, integration of students and integration of learning contexts.

10 Katrina Spencer 2014

11 A learning story Developing leader capacity through a PLC – Terena NOTE how this matches our success criteria! The big question is- what can we do better together that we couldn’t do alone??

12 Katrina Spencer 2014 Successful PLC Form around a compelling issue Focus on student learning Create new opportunities for adult learning Plan and manage for success

13 Katrina Spencer 2014 Morning Tea

14 Katrina Spencer 2014 Where does my site connect? MP Priority Outcomes to be achievedHow my current QIP/SIP connects to these priorities Literacy & Numeracy Increased literacy and numeracy outcomes Increased SACE achievement and completion Learner engagement Increased attendance, engagement and retention Capacity Building Increased leadership and teacher capacity HOMEWORK! Review your current QIP/SIP to identify connections with the MP priorities Where can MP priorities add value to your work? Where can your site add value to the partnership? What could you share? What might be your inquiry focus to build GLOBALLY CONNECTED LEARNERS?

15 Katrina Spencer 2014 Clarifying your inquiry focus CONSIDER the context of your site What specific issues impact on learner outcomes? What are the staff capacity and needs? How tech savvy is your site? What are community and parent needs/concerns? What makes change easy/hard at your site? COMPLETE this sentence: To develop GLOBALLY CONNECTED LEARNERS our site needs a major focus on….. FIND your 10 o’clock appointment to discuss this using a 5Y process with them to drill deep and clarify their focus and why.

16 Katrina Spencer 2014 Stringer’s (1999) Action Research Interacting Cycle Look ↔ Think ↔ Act Plotting and planning GALLERY PROCESS Develop a clear and succinct overview of your site inquiry for display as a poster Make sure you include your site name and focus Identify some of the ‘tangible products’ or OUTPUTS you may develop that could be shared with the partnership Consider the resources and support you may need 15 minutes to share and view the posters Add a sticky note with your name if there is an obvious and strong connection to your inquiry focus

17 Katrina Spencer 2014 LUNCH

18 Katrina Spencer 2014 Our Current Position Bone Diagram planning process The Ideal State- where we would like to be Hindering/ Restraining Factors - Helping Forces/ Factors +

19 Katrina Spencer 2014 Stringer (1999)

20 Katrina Spencer 2014 Like Group / PLC Time 1. What will a successful PLC look like and do? People- who, how many Meeting times, lengths, venues Resources- time, expertise, resources?? What will we do when meet – talk, instructional rounds, walk through, shared text, etc How will we document, monitor, report, communicate What might be the outcomes- tangible products 2. Make a time to meet again 3. Have a plan for your FIRST STEP

21 Katrina Spencer 2014 Program Overview Did we get there?? By the end of these 2 days: Confirmed and clarified partnership processes Established clear partnership priorities Identified a focus area that connects your site directions to the priorities Plan to get underway Processes and tools – passenger free

22 Katrina Spencer 2014 DECD Update DECD Strategic Plan DECD Support Services

23 Katrina Spencer 2014 Enabling Structures What processes and structures will best suit the development of a common culture and enable staff to share and co-learn? Shared Student Free Days in 2015 – 1, 2 0?? Common Staff Mtg– PLC, shared learning etc Same Transition Day – kindy/primary/sec ?? Others? Use of Partnership Funds

24 Katrina Spencer 2014 t1uNk&index=9&list=PLAF280E951AADEBC5 t1uNk&index=9&list=PLAF280E951AADEBC5 1uNk&index=9&list=PLAF280E951AADEBC5 1uNk&index=9&list=PLAF280E951AADEBC5

25 Katrina Spencer 2014 25 For information or support contact Katrina Spencer 0401 120 378

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