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New Zealand Curriculum Reading and Writing Standards Literacy Cluster Meeting #1.

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1 New Zealand Curriculum Reading and Writing Standards Literacy Cluster Meeting #1

2 Overview Purpose Getting connected Where are we now? Professional Learning Modules Morning/Afternoon Tea The Documents NZC/LLP/NS Revisiting the Big Picture Action Plan

3 Purpose To support literacy leaders to develop their understanding and knowledge in literacy to effectively lead the implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum including National Standards in their schools.

4 Our Purpose Today To begin to establish a Professional Learning Community (PLC) To establish relationships between schools To provide an overview of the Professional Learning Modules To identify current needs and next steps To consider challenges when leading change

5 Getting Connected We are all in this together

6 Where is your school at with the National Standards?

7 Professional Learning Modules Effective Practice Building Effective Partnerships Knowledge of the Learner …………………… Meeting the needs of English Language Learners Knowledge of Learning in Literacy Establishing Shared Expectations Instructional Strategies Engaging Learners with Texts Module: Engaging learners with text Teachers use and combine knowledge of their students, of expected outcomes, of the curriculum, and of the opportunities that specific texts offer to support students to develop and use reading and writing as interactive tools in all curriculum areas. No module – refer to Effective Literacy Practice Y1-4, Y5-8. Module: Establishing Shared Expectations School leaders, teachers, students, parents, families, whānau, and boards of trustees understand the expectations in reading, writing, and mathematics at each year level as outlined in the National Standards. Module: Overview An overview of the modules. Module: Knowledge of literacy learning School leaders and teachers develop a shared understanding of the reading and writing demands of their school curriculum. Module: Meeting the needs of English Language Learners Schools recognise the diversity of English language learners and provide them with the language learning support needed to enable them to access the New Zealand Curriculum at age-appropriate levels as soon as possible. This is achieved through policies, processes, teaching and assessment practices, professional development, the equitable use of resources, and effective communications with families. Module: Building Effective Partnerships Partners (students, teachers, school leaders, boards of trustees, families, whānau, communities, and providers of educational support) work together to provide opportunities to improve student progress and achievement in reading, writing, and mathematics. Modules: Knowledge of the learner Teachers and students understand the need for overall teacher judgments in relation to the National Standards and the process of making and using such judgments.

8 Professional Learning Modules standards/Professional-development/Professional-learning- modules standards/Professional-development/Professional-learning- modules How knowledgeable is your staff regarding the ‘honeycomb’ and Effective Literacy Practice? What are some activities or strategies that you have successfully used with your staff?

9 Alignment

10 National Standards

11 Identify any challenges and possible solutions you may or have already encountered Revisiting the Big Picture

12 Big Ideas Reading and Writing Standards 1-3 Reading and Writing Standards 4-8 Reading and Writing are interactive tools to access all areas of the curriculum Using several sources of evidence to make sound judgements about progress and achievement The teacher’s choice of texts and tasks selected have consequences Alignment of NZC/LLP/NS

13 Thinking back / Looking Forward Acknowledgements to Alana Madgwick and Team NZ for images

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