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Multi-County Sharing of Resident Data for Public Safety.

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1 Multi-County Sharing of Resident Data for Public Safety

2 Public Safety GIS

3 Traditional GIS Scott County Area Plan Commission Scott County, Indiana John Knight, Executive Director

4 Public Safety GIS Kosciusko County Regional Dispatch Center Kosciusko County, Indiana

5 Traditional GIS and Public Safety GIS TRADITIONAL GISPUBLIC SAFETY GIS PURPOSEEnhanced Government ServicesProtection of Life and Property PERSONNELMore GIS ExpertsMore GIS Users JUSRISDICTIONGenerally a Single JurisdictionMultiple Jurisdictions GIS SOFTWAREFew FormatsMultiple Formats DATA CURRENCYPeriodic Currency24 Hour or Real Time Currency USE OF SENSITIVE DATAOccasionalFrequent INTERNET CONNECTIONAlwaysUsually but not always HOURSNormal Business HoursContinuous 24 Hour Coverage LOCATIONMostly Office, Some FieldSome Office, More Field WORKAs Per ScheduleOften in Real Time Much In Common But Some Differences

6 The Emergency Management Cycle Spencer County EMA Spencer County, Indiana Al Perdue and Barbara Ninke PREPARATION (Public Safety GIS) RESPONSE (Public Safety GIS) RECOVERY (Traditional GIS) MITIGATION (Traditional GIS)

7 Public Safety Preparation and Response Public Safety Preparation and Response Hurricane Management Beaufort County, South Carolina

8 Using GIS Under Emergency Conditions The Worst: System Breakdown 1.Loss of Power or Phone Lines 2.No Internet Access, Cell Phones Overloaded 3.Operation Center or Dispatch Center becomes Non-Functional Computer Breakdown Loss of Key Personnel Loss of Stored Data Communications Failures Loss of Use of Physical Facility Still Bad: Diminished Capacity 1.Geographic Areas Lacking High Speed Internet Access 2.Internet Slows Down as it becomes Overloaded 3.Slow Operation Speeds of Interactive Internet Based GIS 4.Slow Internet Downloads of Memory Intensive Geographic Information 5.Inherent difference of Internet Speed vs. Computer Processing Speed “Expect the Worst and Prepare for It”

9 Bergen County, NJ Bergen County Public Safety Bergen County, New Jersey Bob Greenlaw, Director Bergen County Central Dispatch

10 Indiana Search and Rescue Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh – Johnson County, Indiana Mari Hulman George Search and Rescue Academy

11 Making GIS Work in an Emergency In order to enhance GIS functionality in a Public Safety Emergency you need to: 1.Build in Redundancy 2.Maximize Speed In - Ambulance Mapping Lawrence County, Indiana

12 Principles for Building Redundancy and Speed into a Public Safety GIS System 1.Have in place a system of Data Stewardship 2.Have in place a system for exchanging Sensitive Data. 3.Have GIS applications and existing GIS data on resident computers with a means of Internet Data Exchange in Place. 4.Have the capability of exchanging new information over the internet with the means to deliver it to users in their particular format and projection automatically. 5.Be able to monitor and input real time GPS and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) information and share this information with others. 6.Use Web GIS for monitoring, and providing information to public officials and the general public. 7.Create an overall Public Safety GIS that uses Resident Data, the Internet, and Web GIS each to their best advantage.

13 Other Barriers to Data Sharing Legal Barriers 1.The Indiana Open Records Law (The Data Sharing Traffic Cop) 2.Reasons for Data Sharing 3.Data Sharing Agreements Funding Barriers 1.The Cost of Software 2.The Cost of Training 3.The Cost of Data Maintenance 4.The Cost of Data Sharing Vehicle Tracking Starke County, Indiana

14 Data Exchange in Vigo County Region Using the WTH Universal Data Exchange Network UDX

15 Universal Data Exchange Network (UDX)  Allows data exchange between remote county and regional offices  Does not require interoffice network  Only requires an internet connection  Data Exchange is controlled by the Chart of Accountability

16 Chart of Accountability (COA)  Defines who or which office is accountable for each GIS data layer  Only the responsible office can change the data  COA is maintained by the county and administered by WTH through the Universal Data Exchange Network (UDX)

17 Typical COA  911 Center AddressesAddresses RoadsRoads Emergency Service ZonesEmergency Service Zones  Courthouse ParcelsParcels Land UseLand Use SoilsSoils  Emergency Management County ResourcesCounty Resources Weather SirensWeather Sirens Hazardous Material SitesHazardous Material Sites

18 UDX / WTH Vigo Co. 911 Center (State Plain West) Parke Co. 911 Center Vermillion County Clay County (Lat-Long) Sullivan County ThinkMap-.tml UTM Coordinate System Auto Cad- dxf ESRI-shp. ThinkMap-.tml.shp.tml.dxf

19 Vigo Co. 911 Center Parke County 911 Center (ThinkMap) Vermillion County Clay County Sullivan County ThinkMap AutoCad ESRI ThinkMap End Result: Complete Interoperability !

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