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Straight and curved: Recent developments with Tensairity®

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1 Straight and curved: Recent developments with Tensairity®
Rolf H. Luchsinger Center for Synergetic Structures EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research Überlandstrasse 129, CH-8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland

2 Introduction

3 Introduction Tensairity telescope enclosure, 12m, Tenerife, Spain, 2008, Airlight Ltd

4 Introduction Tensairity roof 38 m, National Tennis Center, London, 2010, Airlight Ltd

5 Straight I: Tensairity column
5 m span, 16 kg mass, 11 kN max load p = 150 mbar Plagianakos TS, Teutsch U, Crettol R & Luchsinger RH. Static response of a spindle-shaped Tensairity column to axial compression. Engineering Structures 31, (2009)

6 Straight I: Tensairity column
plain spindle web spindle Stiffness: +100 % , Buckling load: +40% Wever TE, Plagianakos TS, Luchsinger RH, Marti P. Effect of fabric webs on the static response of spindle-shaped Tensairity columns. Journal of Structural Engineering ASCE 136(4), , (2010).

7 ? Straight II: Tensairity beam - Basic principles H
Tension/compression elements: Air pressure: (~ mbar) Fabric: (~10 kN/m) ? (Experiments, FEM) Deflection:

8 Straight II: Tensairity beam
Compact transport, fast set up, light weight

9 Straight II: Tensairity beam
High load bearing capacity

10 k = ? Tensairity beam: Analytical model
Beam on elastic foundation with compressive forces k = ?

11 Tensairity beam: Analytical model
Two coupled ODE´s

12 Tensairity beam: Analytical model
BC: Determination of H

13 Tensairity beam: Analytical model
q=1 kN/m, q=1 kN/m, Approximation (slenderness)

14 Tensairity beam: Analytical model

15 Straight III: Tensairity “madraz”

16 Straight III: Tensairity “madraz”

17 Straight III: Tensairity “madraz”
web - Tensairity Dimension: 3 x 0.5 x 0.25 m Weight: kg (3.7 kg metal kg hull) = 4 kg/m2 Load: kN, 2.4 kN/m2, L/D = 60 Deflection: mm, L/128

18 Straight III: Tensairity “madraz”
p = 150 mbar Beam theory:

19 Straight IV: Foldable Tensairity
De Laet L, Luchsinger RH, Crettol R, Mollaert M, De Temmermann N. Deployable Tensairity Structures. Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures 50 (2), (2009)

20 Curved I: Tensairity arch

21 Curved I: Tensairity arch

22 Curved I: Tensairity arch

23 Curved I: Tensairity arch

24 Curved I: Tensairity arch

25 Curved I: Tensairity arch

26 Curved I: Tensairity arch

27 Curved I: Tensairity arch

28 Curved I: Tensairity arch

29 Curved I: Tensairity arch

30 Curved I: Tensairity arch

31 Curved I: Tensairity arch

32 Curved I: Tensairity arch
10 m span, 90 kg mass, 3.5 ton max load HP Gasser AG

33 Curved II: Tensairity kite
8 m span, 11m2 area, 3 kg mass, 1 kN max load Breuer JMC, Luchsinger RH, “Inflatable kites using the concept of Tensairity”. Aerospace Science and Technology. doi: /j.ast (2010)

34 Curved and Straight: Tensairity actuator
Luchsinger RH, Bräker M. A novel pneumatic actuator with Tensairity. In: Brebbia CA (ed.), Design & Nature V, , WIT Press, Southampton (2010)

35 Conclusion Recently major steps in the R&D of Tensairity have been done Close interaction between models, experiments, FEM and analysis Dedicated team

36 Conclusion

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