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Larry Fitzwater and Linda Spencer September 29, 1999 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032.

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1 Larry Fitzwater and Linda Spencer September 29, 1999 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032

2 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032

3 Vision l Cataloging data and documents l Retrieving Web documents and data elements l Developing data elements l Integrating databases Develop a repository of well-defined environmental concepts as a tool for:

4 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Strategy l Collaboration with GEMET l Development of EPA concepts l Collection of lists u Chemicals u Biological taxa

5 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Collaboration In collaboration with the European Environment Agency’s General European Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus (GEMET) system.

6 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 GEMET Collaboration l Review/revise European product (GEMET) l Expand international collaboration u Asia u Arabic-speaking world l Provide American English definitions

7 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 GEMET Collaboration (Continued) l Use what exists and make it better l Reference source of environmental concepts l Multilingual l Access to international and national subject-specific lists

8 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Progress and Plans l Six European thesauri combined - 1997 l Phase 1 - 1998 u Include all European languages and U.S. equivalents u Provide definitions (English) u Provide synonyms l Phase 2 - 1999 u Refine an international core u Develop national branches u Develop subject-specific lists

9 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Environmental Thesauri Included in GEMET EU-EEA UNEP INFOTERRA BERLIN ROME MADRID BILTHOVEN COPENHAGEN STOCKHOLM PARIS OSLOVIENNA HANNOVER ETC-CDS VIENNA ISEP LONDON DUBLIN Source: Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche (CNR) Internat’l multilingual thesauri National multilingual thesauri National monolingual thesauri lists

10 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Framework for GEMET Terminology Organization Drivers Pressures State Industry and Transport Polluting Emissions Air, Water, Soil Quality Clean Production, Public Transport, Regulations, Taxes, Information, etc. Ill Health, Biodiversity Loss, Economic Damage Responses Impacts

11 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 GEMET Functionality l Multilingual l Hierarchical l Alphabetical l Thematic l Relational l Polyhierarchical Source: Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche (CNR)

12 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 References to GEMET l Catalog of Data Sources (CDS) l GEMET links to PDF tables

13 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Terminology Reference System (TRS) User US National Lists EPA Vocabularies International Lists: ISO Countries ISO Languages Subject Specific Lists: Chemicals, etc. Dictionaries Databases Web Information Documentation Data Elements EDR TRSTRS GEMET System shared Free Terms WG

14 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Sources of Terminology EDR Terminology Reference System 1. Nominate Terms 2. Accept Terms GEMET EPA Programs Library Network Web Metadata Inventory EPA-specific terminology

15 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 EPA/State Collaboration l Pilot–Hazardous waste clean up concepts u Partnership with states and tribal entities u Data element development u Search engines u Database integration

16 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Collection of Lists l Web Inventory l Chemicals l International lists

17 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 TRS Functionality l Source for data elements l Repository for reference terminology l Repository for lists

18 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Environmental Data Registry (EDR) User Shared Terms Data Elements Databases Web Information DocumentationTRS EDREDR Data Groups Data Standards

19 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032

20 TRS and EDR TRS Terms EDR Data Elements

21 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Database Integration l Environmental Data Exchange Network (EDEN) pilot project u Collaboration: DOE, DoD, EPA, EEA u Map heterogeneous hazardous waste databases u Innovative technology

22 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Web Information Retrieval l Web metadata inventory l Search engine u Thesaurus function u Topic sets

23 SDC-0002-021-JE-1032 Document Retrieval l Cataloging l Indexing l Reference vocabulary

24 Linda Spencer EPA/OIRM/EIMD Tel: (202) 260-5451 Larry Fitzwater EPA/OIRM/EIMD Tel: (202) 260-3071 Discussion SDC-0002-021-JE-1032

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