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European Schoolnet ETB IST-1999-11781 1 European Schools Treasury Browser ‘ETB’

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1 European Schoolnet ETB IST European Schools Treasury Browser ‘ETB’

2 European Schoolnet ETB IST ETB’s Objectives IST ‘Digital Content and Cultural Heritage’ RTD Web educational resource for educators and learners Metadata infrastructure for schools in Europe Link high-quality educational repositories Encourage and support new publication

3 European Schoolnet ETB IST Outcomes European Subject Thesaurus and Classification Smart data-entry system Metadata Creation Tool Dynamic Metadata network –Harvesting Web sites -PULL- –Searching repositories remotely -Z –Transfer metadata records to registry -PUSH- Searchable Resource Library

4 European Schoolnet ETB IST Outcomes II “Soft” Elements Guidelines for quality management Uniform descriptors for schools Quality selection criteria Interoperability –Extension of Dublin Core Semantics Controlled Vocabulary –Integrating a Thesaurus in the metadata

5 European Schoolnet ETB IST Workpackages Survey of Repositories Quality Criteria Multilingualism Technical Layer Evaluation & Communication

6 European Schoolnet ETB IST Survey of Repositories - 50 questions About –General characteristics of the educational repository, scope, content focus, size Practice and Use –Practical issues: technologies used, editorial conventions, other services Quality Maintenance & Metadata –Quality assurance processes, use of metadata

7 European Schoolnet ETB IST Research on Quality Criteria Research on quality assessment (WP3) –Recommendations on quality processes –Quality management scheme Guidelines on Harmonisation and Standardisation (WP4) –Description of sources to be included –Collaboration with Ministries of Education

8 European Schoolnet ETB IST Multilingualism Schools Repository Thesaurus (WP5) –Multilingual Thesaurus –5 languages –1000 terms Multilingualism (WP6) –CLIR thesauri –Cross-concordance of classification schemes –Simple automatic translation tool –Guidelines for authors

9 European Schoolnet ETB IST Technical Layer Metadata Toolkit (WP8) –Publication of metadata Metadata Networking Infrastructure (WP9) –PUSH and PULL Metadata Registry, Search, Edit Control (WP10) –Ingest, index and organise metadata records

10 European Schoolnet ETB IST Communication & Evaluation Dissemination and Implementation (WP7) –Connect with related projects and initiatives –Encourage use of ETB tools and services –Foster adoption of conventions –Community building –Web, Brochure, eNews, Handbook Assessment and Evaluation (WP11)

11 European Schoolnet ETB IST

12 European Schoolnet ETB IST Workshops Workshop 1 [September 2000 ] Classification areas How to share Metadata Seminar [November 2000 ] Quality Assurance Workshop 2 [May 2001] Quality management, quality criteria Multilingual Concordances Workshop 3 [February 2002 ] Thesaurus: Final version ETB: Outcomes

13 European Schoolnet ETB IST About ETB 26 months Start: 1st February 2000 Total Funding: Euros Partners: –Committee for European Schoolnet –Biblioteca di Documentazione Pedagogica –Danmarks EDB Center for Forskning og –European Commission Joint Research Centre –Lund University –Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin –Fundación Universidad Empresa –FWU Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft –MAKASH –Lambrakis Research Foundation –Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche –InformationsZentrum Sozialwissenschaften

14 European Schoolnet ETB IST European Treasury Browser ETB

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