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Collaborative leadership You can’t deliver it all on your own!

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1 Collaborative leadership You can’t deliver it all on your own!

2 Declaration of interests I have nothing to declare, but … I am a user and funder of the Health System in the UK, so I care about how it works and the service it delivers

3 We are now living in a ‘hyper-connected world’ Christine Lagarde Richard Dimbleby Lecture London. 04.02.14

4 Slime mould

5 In an interconnected system Leaders needs to understanding their interdependencies by: 1.Analysing the needs of the situation 2.Analysing their own response as leaders

6 4 million customers on one day…. ….over 1 billion a year

7 Rebuilding the tube and then the Olympics

8 The biggest risks are at the boundaries

9 The spectrum of collaboration 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 mutual partnering “They give us a good deal” “They are really one of us” customer supplier transactional permanent team symbiotic

10 How do you prefer to operate? Transactional operation Symbiotic operation

11 The Leader’s response Lincoln wanted to make peace with the South and to abolish slavery… So he needed a coalition to achieve these self- contradictory demands

12 ‘A critical task for leaders is to capture the benefits of seemingly opposing elements’ Aram 1990

13 To deliver results across boundaries collaborative leaders need to: Build relationships Handle conflict Share control

14 Awareness of self Awareness of situation Balancing leadership priorities Increasing self -confidence

15 The danger of thinking that you are right!

16 How do leaders stay healthy? Willingness to get honest feedback Courage to know yourself Humility to ask for help from others ‘The process of becoming a leader is no different than the process of becoming a fully integrated, healthy human being’ Warren Bennis

17 To finish…


19 Socia (f socius) – Latin ~ partner, companion, associate, from societas – fellowship: implying union for a common purpose and not a mere assembly Socia Ltd Central Court 25 Southampton Buildings London WC2A 1AL T 0870 787 6202 W

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