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Welcome to Parks & Gardens – across the United Kingdom.

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1 Welcome to Parks & Gardens – across the United Kingdom

2 Sites by type  Allotment  Collection  Designed rural space  Designed urban space  Estate  Ferme ornee  Funerary site  Garden  Maze  Park  Plantation

3 Garden- an enclosed piece of ground devoted to the cultivation of flowers, fruit or vegetables and/or recreational purposes. Park- an enclosed piece of land, generally large in area, used for hunting, the cultivation of trees, for grazing sheep and cattle or visual enjoyment.

4 Parks and gardens of the UK  Algars Manor England, Bristol  Claremont England, Esher

5 Parks and gardens of the UK  Scoyd Park Wales, Grindley Brook  Craig Park Wales, Cardiff

6 Parks and gardens of the UK  Mayfield Park England, Southampton.  Prior Park England, Bath

7 An introduction to garden history  Design has been important in the British landscape for centuries. Many people are familiar with the gardens of large country houses, but in fact designed landscapes have a very complex history dating from Roman times and incorporating influences from across the world.

8 How is historical importance decided?  The age of the garden and how many of its kind there are.  How much of the original structure remains, and its condition.  Whether the garden is a good example of a particular period or type of design,  Whether it is the work of a known designer  Its horticultural or botanical interest  Associations with important people or events in history  Whether it has been very influential in the design of gardens  Its contribution to local character or the wider landscape

9 Historical Profiles  Ernest Wilson - explorer and plant hunter

10 Historical Profiles  Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild - botanist and gardener

11 Historical Profiles  Stephen Switzer - pioneer of the English landscape garden (Castle Howard, Yorkshire)

12 Historical Profiles  The Daffodil Growers

13 Contemporary Profiles  Gary Churchman: Making stone sing

14 Contemporary Profiles  Mavis Batey: from codebreaker to campaigner for historic parks and gardens

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