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© 2012 Autodesk BIM Collaboration Siva Koppula Technical Consultant.

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1 © 2012 Autodesk BIM Collaboration Siva Koppula Technical Consultant

2 © 2012 Autodesk Class Summary Typically BIM projects involve multiple disciplines and multiple organizations. In order to collaborate efficiently and effectively among different disciplines and across different organizations, it is essential to have standard methods and procedures and a common data environment with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. This presentation looks at how to assess the existing collaborative methods in BIM project (Building or Infrastructure) and identify the potential gaps that could lead to delays and cost inefficiencies using BS 1192 as a reference standard. The paper will also discuss how to eliminate the gaps using workflows and software technology.

3 © 2012 Autodesk Learning Objectives At the end of this class, you will be able to:  What is BIM Collaboration?  How to assess BIM Collaboration?  What is BS 1192 standard?  How to develop BIM Collaboration solution?  How to implement BIM Collaboration?

4 © 2012 Autodesk What is BIM Collaboration?

5 © 2012 Autodesk BIM Implementation Areas Collaboration & Data Management A collaboration and accompanying data management framework solution to control the sharing of the relevant and accurate information to all project stakeholders. Model-centric Workflows At the core of BIM are modeling workflows and deliverables standards that specify the asset model and its downstream use in other lifecycle phases. Integrated Analyses During each lifecycle phase people need to analyze integrated asset models. Analyses span 2D, to 3D, 4D (time), 5D (cost) and to greater complexity Governance The foundation of a BIM implementation is the organized management of its deployment, upkeep, compliance and performance.

6 © 2012 Autodesk BIM Collaboration BIM Collaboration is the process of identification of different phases for a given project and defining the process of data and information sharing between these different phases.

7 © 2012 Autodesk BIM Collaboration can appear complex… Software Processes Work Flows Replication Workgroups Databases Collaboration Change Permissions Investment Roles & responsibilities Coordination Improvement Organization

8 © 2012 Autodesk BIM Collaboration - components

9 © 2012 Autodesk How to assess BIM Collaboration?

10 © 2012 Autodesk BIM Collaboration issues  Lack of structured workflow  Delay in releasing the information  Lack of trust in the shared data  Lack of information about the shared data  Lack of consistency  Lack of standard methods & procedures  Lack of quick access to the project team

11 © 2012 Autodesk BIM Collaboration assessment As–Is scenario assessment Design process assessment Data creation and sharing process assessment Information sharing process assessment Data interoperability issues Communication and interaction

12 © 2012 Autodesk Collaboration assessment - Example Task Transfer Storage/Catalogue Decision/Review Wait/Delay Item 12

13 © 2012 Autodesk Collaboration assessment - Example

14 © 2012 Autodesk Collaboration assessment - Example Status Score Excellent to Very Good – Requires little if any improvement Average – Requires some improvements Unknown – At this time the data did not supply enough information to rate Red Flag – Indicates an issue with an item, a closer look needs to be taken.

15 © 2012 Autodesk What is BS 1192:2007?

16 © 2012 Autodesk What is BS1192:2007 standard? It is the code of practice for Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information It defines the process for both 2D and 3D data/models sharing between different design disciplines

17 © 2012 Autodesk What is BS1192:2007 standard? BS 1192 emphasizes the importance of effective collaboration between the participants in construction projects in order to enable data to be reused accurately and knowledgeably so that the full benefits can be achieved. The new standard provides guidance to firms in order to effectively share data and enhance the productivity of the whole project team, while also reducing costs.

18 © 2012 Autodesk BS 1192:2007 The standard establishes the methodology for managing the production, distribution and quality of construction information, including that generated by CAD systems, using a disciplined process for collaboration and a specified naming policy. The standard is applicable to all parties involved in the preparation and use of such information throughout the design, construction, operation and deconstruction of projects and throughout the supply chain

19 © 2012 Autodesk BS 1992:2007 part of BIM maturity BIM maturity model requires implementing BS1192 as the process for 2D/3D coordination

20 © 2012 Autodesk BS 1192 : 2007 Main Components Common Data Environment Standard Method Procedures Roles & Responsibilities

21 © 2012 Autodesk BS1192 – Common Data Environment  Framework for data sharing and collaboration  Document and Drawing management  Retain document information throughout the life of the Project

22 © 2012 Autodesk BS1192 – Standard Method & Procedures  File Naming & Revisions  Origin and Orientation  Drawing Sheet templates  Layer Standards & Annotation ProjectOriginatorZoneLevelFile Type RoleNumber BSAC00GFDRA0001

23 © 2012 Autodesk BS1192 - Roles and Responsibilities Roles and Responsibilities Design Coordinati on Manager Lead Designer Team Task Manager (Discipline Head) Project Informatio n Manager CAD Coordinat or CAD Manager Interface Manager

24 © 2012 Autodesk Developing & Implementing BIM Collaboration solution

25 © 2012 Autodesk Collaboration solution development As-Is situation Collaboration requirements gathering GAP Analysis Develop to-be process flows Develop implementation options and solutions Collaboration workflows Common Data Environment Communications Plan Evaluation template

26 © 2012 Autodesk Collaboration solution – Multiple Scenarios  Single design discipline & single office  Multiple design disciplines & single office  Multiple design disciplines & multiple offices  Multiple design disciplines & multiple offices & multiple organisations

27 © 2012 Autodesk Implementing BIM Collaboration Solution AC standard collaboration workflow ‘Out of the box’ solution Based on BS 1992:2007 Single site Vault installation

28 © 2012 Autodesk BS 1192 in Autodesk Vault  BS1192 compliant file naming convention BS 1192 workflow in Autodesk Vault

29 © 2012 Autodesk  Common data environment – Lifecycle definitions BS 1192 in Autodesk Vault BS 1192 workflow in Autodesk Vault

30 © 2012 Autodesk  Common data environment – BS 1192 Workflows BS 1192 in Autodesk Vault BS 1192 workflow in Autodesk Vault

31 © 2012 Autodesk Implementing BIM Collaboration Solution Implement bespoke customer collaboration workflow Customised solution based on customers existing workflow Single or multi site Vault installation Integration with Buzzsaw Integration with Revit Server Integration with non-Autodesk technologies

32 © 2012 Autodesk Vault & Buzzsaw integration London

33 © 2012 Autodesk Revit Server Configuration Southampton Bangalore London

34 © 2012 Autodesk Integration with Social Media Tools…

35 © 2012 Autodesk Thank you!

36 © 2012 Autodesk Autodesk, AutoCAD* [*if/when mentioned in the pertinent material, followed by an alphabetical list of all other trademarks mentioned in the material] are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Autodesk reserves the right to alter product and services offerings, and specifications and pricing at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. © 2012 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved.

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