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An evidenced based research presentation. By Mary DeWitt, Rick Loenser, Dawn Koolman and Terri Sand.

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2 An evidenced based research presentation. By Mary DeWitt, Rick Loenser, Dawn Koolman and Terri Sand

3  Prayer promoting good health.  Nurses, as health professionals could play an important role by praying with or for, patients.  Evidence will support positive outcomes in patient’s physical conditions.

4 Overview What is prayer?  Petitionary  Intercessory  Adoration  Ritual Prayer  Meditative Prayer  Colloquoil prayer What is Meditation?

5 Effects of Prayer  Coping  Arrest the progression of illness  Remission or complete healing

6 Approaches  Semi-structured interview  20 participants  Watson’s Theoretical Framework  Participants from several denominations Findings  5 main cluster themes  Subthemes  Summary of participant responses  Learning obtained

7 Limitations  Limited participants  Unequal gender distribution  Lack of cultural diversity  Narrowed scope of interview Credibility  Validated experiences of healing through prayer  Participants experienced healing  Researchers experienced life- altering inspiration  Prayer enhances spiritual phenomenon and healing

8 Approaches  Literature based study  Systematic approach  Key words  Broad data base for literature search  Original research Findings  Key variables  Private prayer  Frequency of prayer  Religiosity  Demographics

9 Limitations  Lacks a defined Theoretical Framework  No controlled trials  Limited effectiveness of prayer  Evidence reliant on methodological approach  Sample bias Credibility  Evidence supports association between prayer and well-being  Active participation in prayer leads to better health  Private prayer associated with decreased depression and anxiety

10  Prayer is beneficial for health.  Young & Koopsen (2011) state, “Prayer can profoundly affect the healing process. Research demonstrates that religious practices such as worship attendance and prayer may contribute to physical and emotional health” (p. 72).  Research has demonstrated that regular prayer, scripture reading, or study provides health benefits (Matthews, 2000).

11  These might affect health evidence suggests that the strongest impact of religion and spirituality on health is its preventive effect in healthy people (Chida, Steptoe, & Powell, 2009; Powell, Shahabi, & Thoresen, 2003), but religion/spirituality had also been shown to be a coping resource in diseased patients (Powell et al.).  Guthlin, Anton, Kruse, and Walach (2011) states, “Our results support data that imply the existence of a psychophysical pathway in healing through spiritual rituals, and gave subjective insight into the perspective of patients” (p. 328).

12 Conclusions and Implications for Practice (cont.)  Research strongly supports the use of prayer as an alternative therapy for healing.  Limitations are present but the benefits heavily outweigh the weaknesses.  Prayer enhances spiritual phenomenon and healing

13 Chida, Y., Steptoe, A., & Powell, L. H. (2009). Religiosity/spirituality and mortality. A systematic quantitative review. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 78(2), 81-90. doi:10.1159/000190791 Güthlin, C., Anton, A., Kruse, J. and Walach, H. (2011). Subjective Concepts of Chronically Ill Patients Using Distant Healing. Qualitative Health Research, 22(3), 320–331. DOI: 10.1177/1049732311421914 Matthews, D. S. (2000). Prayer and spirituality. Rheumatic Diseases of North American, 26(1), 177-187. Powell, L. H., Shahabi, L., & Thoresen, C. E. (2003). Religion and spirituality: Linkages to physical health. American Psychologist, 58(1), 36- 52. doi:10.1037/0003-066X.58.1.36 Taylor, E. J. (2002). Spiritual care. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

14 Young, C., & Koopsen, C. (2011). Spirituality, Health, and Healing: An Integrative Approach (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

15 Blaszko Helming, M., (2011). Healing Through Prayer. Holistic Nursing Practice, 25(1), 33-44. doi: 10.1097/HNP.0b013e3181fe2697 Mary Blaszko Helming, PhD, FNP, AHN-BC, Department of Nursing, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, Connecticut. This qualitative study approached the topic of healing through prayer amongst interviewed participants. The participants of the study were all affiliated with Christian churches of several denominations. The research focused on the participants experience with prayer and its influence on their personal medical conditions. Their outcomes are discussed and the aspects of prayer are applied to their degree of healing. The study recognizes bias’s of the interview population in terms of age, gender, demographics, and culture.

16 Hollywell, C., & Walker, J., (2008). Private prayer as a suitable intervention for hospitalised patients: a critical review of the literature. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18, 637-651. doi: 10.1111/j.1365- 2702.2008.02510.x Clare Hollywell, BN, RN, staff Nurse and Missionary Nurse, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK. Jan Walker, BSC, PhD, RN, RHV, C. Psychol, FHEA, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK The focus of the research was to collect evidence supporting the use of private prayer to improve the wellbeing for adult hospitalized patients. The research was conducted through a review of literature following a systematic approach. Limitations identified in the study were a lack of experimental research, sample bias, and a theoretical framework model. The study, intended for healthcare providers, identified evidence that there is a positive association between prayer and wellbeing.

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