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MARLO CONFERENCE 2009, Dubai. DP World – Global Reach Over a year, laid end to end, the boxes we handle would circle the world more than six times 49.

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2 DP World – Global Reach Over a year, laid end to end, the boxes we handle would circle the world more than six times 49 (1) marine terminals across 27 countries Total throughput of around 46.8 million TEU 2008 Expansion to meet future customer needs  2017 >95 million TEU Team of 30,000 staff Top 4 Global Operator Awards: 2009 Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA) –Best Global Terminal Operating Company – DP World –Best Seaport in Middle East – Jebel Ali (15 th consecutive year) 2008 Annual Supply Chain & Transport Awards (SCATA) –Port Authority and Terminal Operator of the year. 2008, 2006 and 2005 Lloyd’s List Middle East & Subcontinent Awards –Container Terminal of the year- Jebel Ali 2006 Lloyd’s List “Global Port Operator” of the year 2006 Middle East Logistics Awards –Jebel Ali Best Seaport and Best Container Terminal

3 Unique Group Abilities DP World is able to bring a complete suite of operational expertise to a project: –Container Terminals: 49 (1) Terminals around the world –Logistics Centres: Own and operate the largest warehouse in the world. –Free Trade Zones: 3 Free Trade Zones operated including the world’s largest through our affiliated company –Customs: Uniquely able to provide Customs training, development, systems implementation Comprehensive Package: Oil and Bulk Facilities, Cruise Terminals, Dry–Dock Facilities. ATL Hong Kong


5 The Region Assaluyeh BIKUmm qasr Jubail Abudhabi Jebel AliFujairah Messaied Draft : 12-17m, Cranes : 18, Berths : 9, Quay : 2650m, Cap : 3.5 mill Draft : 15m, Cranes : 16 Berths : 5, Quay : 1460m Cap : 3.3 mill Draft : 14-16m, Cranes : 12, Berths : 6, Quay : 1800m, Cap : 2.0 mill Draft : 15m, Cranes : 4, Berths : 3, Quay : 900m, Cap : 1.1 mill Regional Port Capacity = 29 Mill TEU Draft : 16m, Cranes : 4 Berths : 2, Quay : 520m Cap : 0.8 mill

6 Jebel Ali Port

7 DP World Jebel Ali – A Flagship Facility 6th largest container port (1) in 2008 Handled around 12m TEU in 2008 (Jebel Ali & Port Rashid) Jebel Ali is the largest container port outside Asia 2009 Best Middle East seaport for the 15 th consecutive year (AFSCA) Jebel Ali Terminal (1) Source: Containerisation International

8 The 365-metre long Daniela (nominal capacity of 13,800 TEUs) being handled by the port's largest tandem lift gantries, the biggest of their kind in the world. Innovation – DP World uses the largest cranes in the world and the first with Quad-Container lift capability DP World Jebel Ali – Innovation in Action

9 Key Drivers For Economic Growth Jebel Ali Industries Manufacturing, Services Free Zones Manufacturing, Services, Distribution Multiple Trade & Industry Opportunities Infrastructure support Ports, Customs, Trade friendly environment Jebel Ali’s growing HUB status Shipping Lines, Supply Chain Regional to Global focus

10 Global Connectivity, Regional Hub 217 VESSEL CALLS PER MONTH @ JEBEL ALI Global Coverage –Asia 75 –Europe 13 –US 4 »Total92 Regional –Red Sea, Africa22 –Indian Sub-continent 41 –Gulf Feeder 35 –Gulf MLO 27 »Total 125

11 Jebel Ali Terminal 2 Current - 29 QGC / 60 RMG Cap 5.0 Million TEU, 2.5 Km berth FUTURE

12 DP World “A commitment to continually improve security through using a ‘managed approach’

13 Global Security Initiatives – Balanced Approach ISPS: All DP World Terminals are ISPS compliant and certified ISO 28000: 2007 International Standards for Supply Chain Security DP World first terminal operator to gain international certification of its security management systems. Currently 26 sites certified with a planned roll out program across all terminals due to complete by 2012. US Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) - DP World has attained full group membership in this US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) program. DP World is the first and only International Terminal Operator member of CTPAT. Validation programs conducted annually by US CBP. EU Authorised Economic Operator (AEO): DP World ISO 28000:2007 certification program and security practices provides evidence and manages compliance with the EU AEO requirements. Tilbury first DP World terminal to attain certification followed by Southampton,. 2 terminals submitted for approval. And 2 under development for compliance by 1 st Qtr 2010. Container Security Initiative (CSI) - DP World is a major participant with 13 ports active in the US Customs program. Current CSI ports are: Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Caucedo,; Antwerp, Tilbury, Southampton, Marseille, Le Havre; Dubai, Qasim, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Laem Chabang. Secure Freight Initiative (SFI) - DP World is a partner with US DHS/CBP in the Secure Freight Initiative pilot programs underway at two sites (Southampton and Qasim) to test technologies and procedures for scanning containers for nuclear and radiological materials. Integrated Security Systems - DP World lays down specifics of standards for implementing ISS technologies at all green/brown field sites and existing terminals in a phased manner.

14 UAE Region - Setting the Benchmark

15 Benefits of a ‘managed approach’ to Security More effective security management processes to protect group business interests and wider supply chain. Improved coordination of internal security operations and cooperation with customers and partners to share responsibility. Improves risk management capability = loss prevention and operational efficiency savings. Setting Security Bench marks

16 Operational Benefits Coordinated security initiatives and programs through a set of common standards. –Executive commitment –Continual risk assessment –Command, Control and Communications –Internal monitoring and Auditing –Appropriate resources dedicated –Risk Mitigation Strategies –Reduce vulnerabilities cost effectively –Invest in infrastructure improvements –Invest in People

17 Business Benefits Sends positive message to customers, partners and employees Commercial advantage, baseline customer service Safeguard our people, assets and communities we operate in Net Gain bottom line Short term efficiency savings Long term benefits – linked to achieving objectives Better use of resources, financial management opex/capex Resources managed to those areas assessed as higher risk Potential Insurance premiums reduction

18 Thank you

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