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On The Water Film (click to start) On The Water (OTW) Components BMF Contribution £22k Members Events Circa £6K for 2013 + plus good will and marketing.

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2 On The Water Film (click to start)

3 On The Water (OTW) Components BMF Contribution £22k Members Events Circa £6K for 2013 + plus good will and marketing NBS Activity PSP Southampton Boat Show London Boat Show £50k

4 The Broad Plan BMF Contribution £22k - To create commercial opportunities on the website of £1000 - Deploy a Facebook ad campaign targeting a profiled user with the target of acquiring 2000 ‘likes’ by the end of the year. - Identify and import content for the OTW site through Groups/ Associations and strategic partners. - Deploy an industry On The Water event in 2014 - To improve logo use and general awareness of the project across the industry - Provide a suite of printed & online material plus offer ‘goodies’ and event assets that can be used to support member events. - To use the brand at Boat Shows to help signpost the project

5 Page of editorial has 3 times PR value of advertising Communicating OTW To Members

6 ..... In Addition Latest news: 6000 industry subscribers (25% open rate) Boat Show News: 1000 copies How to get involved

7 Members Events: Circa £5200 for 2013 + plus goodwill and marketing Member Events Hold Real Value BMF contributes approx £6k to events however members bring more value in terms of cash and value in kind. Case Study: BMF Southwest – over 550 people out on the water over a weekend BMF Contribution: £550 Found Costs: Radio Advertising £1000 AA Signs: £306 Press Ads: £200 12 Boats in kind @ circa £500 a boat (£6000) 500 fliers printed free of charge Volunteers from local colleges TOTAL value: £8056

8 NBS Activity: PSP Southampton Boat Show & London Boat Show £50k National Boat Shows Contribution The largest events for On The Water are hosted at Boat Shows The OTW banner is used to highlight on water activity at the Show: Try A Boat Get Afloat Skipper Skills Active Marinas Are all promoted under the OTW brand Everyone who has a go will be offered OTW info We collect data for OTW. Approx 10k got on the water in 2013

9 Signage Booking Form Show Guide Website On The Water at the PSP Southampton Boat Show – Where Did The Brand Appear?

10 Value of PSP Southampton Boat Show (Estimated values) 15 Boats provided by the industry circa £7500 Branding on signage: £2000 Data collected: £1000 to rent Show guide activity: £2500 Staff: £5000 Fliers into Exhibitor packs: £1000 Show website page: £1000 Show fliers (150k printed): £3000 Total value: £23000

11 London Boat Show Large watersports pool will host free activities including Zorbing and Stand Up paddle boarding. Participants will be given OTW info post event and where possible added to the OTW dbase. Big screen will carry OTW film. Pool will play host to launch of National Watersports Month. Large OTW branding. Contribution from NBS circa £35k

12 Results Is OTW attracting page views, what are visitors looking at and which websites are referring people to On The Water?

13 Page TitleUnique Visitors % New VisitsPageviews Buying a boat9,88090.05%18,398 Where to Kayak7,97390.39%14,742 Financing a Boat5,93788.26%10,501 On the Water - Which boat for me?5,07090.60%9,261 Buying a Used Boat4,44868.15%7,141 Buy a Narrow boat2,37785.82%4,170 Boat Hire & Holiday2,33491.13%3,442 Marinas and Moorings2,30684.25%3,436 OTW Weekend Home Page2,26376.57%3,991 On The Water Top 10 Pages For 2013

14 External Referral Sites BMF Find a Member - Canoeing / Kayaking Trips BMF Find a Member - Boat Loans / Financing sport/where-to-paddle/canoe-trails/ it/choosing-and-buying-a-licence BMF Find a Member - Waterskiing and Wakeboarding Clubs Top 10 Referring Websites for 2013 These sites have sent over 3000 unique people to the OTW website. The OTW logo has some real value, use it on your website along with the BMF logo.

15 On The Water Digital In the past 12 months, the On The Water website has received just over 80,000 unique visitors, a four-fold increase on the previous year. This can be attributed to SEO work on the siteOn The Water website is now the TOP of Google rankings for kayak where to go kayaking Facebook: Just over 1100 likes OTW database: 3200 names

16 Summary Of Results : is the leading site for those looking to find out where to go kayaking and account for over 14,000 page views The majority of visits are by people looking for information on how to buy a boat and accounts for 18,000 + page views. Financing a boat, boating holidays and marinas and moorings are high priorities for those using the site. Collectively these account for over 16,500 page views. Conclusion: If your business is related to these areas the website holds real opportunity for you in terms of content, advertising and sponsorship. We are asking that all associations review relevant pages with a view to improving content and therefore opportunity.

17 Looking Ahead to 2014

18 National Watersports Month: May 2014 Objectives: - To work with strategic partners to launch a month of activity in May 2014. - Collect data - Highlight boating as easy, enjoyable, affordable and fun - Provide industry with appropriate help & support - Follow up post event The OTW team will be providing event boxes – these will contain just about everything you need to get your event going (sunshine not provided!)

19 Members Events 2014 Kent & Sussex BMF Midlands BMF South West BMF Wessex British Sailing MLA CBA The following Regions and Associations have expressly said that they will be holding an On The Water Event in 2014.

20 Event Box All You Need For An Event To include: Branding, FAQs guide, relevant forms, fliers, freebies

21 Call To Action Please review and help us provide the most relevant information possible. Please email us your videos, photographs and do use the logo. Send us your offers so we can email the dbase. Let us know about your events. Thank you

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