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GIS for Transportation Corridor Planning West Corridor.

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1 GIS for Transportation Corridor Planning West Corridor

2 Zach Van Gemert Born and Raised in Denver, CO. Education in Land Use/GIS Employed at RTD for 11+ years – Systems support for Call-n-Ride, GIS, INIT, Ridecheck Plus, Trapeze

3 Service Area – Population: 2.8 million – Area: 2,340 square miles – 40 municipalities, 6 counties plus 2 city/county jurisdictions Services – Fixed routes: 133 – Bus Stops: 9,504 – Park-n-Rides: 77 with 31,049 parking spaces – Special Services Access-a-Ride BroncosRide BuffRide Call-n-Ride RockiesRide Ridership – 2012: 328,109 average weekday boardings Vehicles – Bus: 998 – Light Rail: 172 Regional Transportation District ( )

4 West Corridor Details 12.1 mile Light Rail Line through the cities of Denver, Lakewood and Golden 11 new Light Rail Stations 6 new Park-n-Rides 5 new Fixed Routes 3 new Call-n-Rides Initial GIS Data Provided by Consultant – Included potential fixed route lines, Light Rail stations, Park-n-Rides and Call-n-Ride (demand/response) polygons

5 The West Corridor

6 Public Information and Board of Directors Service Plan ‒Overall and Subsections Decision Making ‒Budget ‒Customer Interactions ‒Frequency ‒Ontime Performance ‒Politics ‒Ridership

7 Access-a-Ride (ADA) Scope of Customer Impact Customer Education ‒In or Out? Home Address Trips in Last Year ‒Alternatives Call-n-Ride

8 Demographic Analysis “Polygon Overlay Tool” Special Services – Call-n-Ride Employment Population Marketing – Stations Population within Walk Distance Title VI – Counts and Densities Households Low Income Households Minority Population Population

9 AutoCAD Data Georeferencing Tools – Control Points Geocode Stops – Data Quality: within 20ft

10 FTA - Title VI Compliance Title VI ‒Low Income Population Density ‒Minority Population Density

11 Marketing Light Rail Buffers Non-English Speakers System Plan for Brochures

12 Sales Pass Pricing Route Maps T.I.C. Bus Stops in Call-n-Rides Public Schedules Shelterboards Trailblazer (RTD Bible) Website

13 Summary RTD reliance on GIS – Board of Directors – Bus Operations – Civil Rights – Communications – Customers – Marketing – Sales – Service Development – Special Services

14 Contact

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