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C106 Introduction to Computers By Robin Bell Fall 2004.

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2 C106 Introduction to Computers By Robin Bell Fall 2004

3 Things learned so far Windows Word Web Page Design Excel Access PowerPoint

4 Things learned in Windows How to rename files How to copy files How to add icons to the desktop How to move a window

5 Snapshot of Windows

6 Things learned in Word Saving documents How to delete text Resizing graphics How to undo and redo actions Resume writing

7 Snapshot of Word

8 Things learned in Excel How to save a workbook Entering in formulas Currency style format Floating dollar signs

9 Snapshot of Excel

10 What I learned in Access How to delete a field How to delete a record How to filter by section How to remove a filter

11 Snapshot of Access

12 Things learned in PowerPoint How to create a title slide How to change the slide layout How to add an animation scheme How to add a movie clip

13 Snapshot of PowerPoint

14 What I learned while making my Web Page Design How to design a web page. How to do a hyperlink. How to make a resume.

15 Snapshot of my Web Page Design

16 Dinner Time Dylan at 5 months old Perfect Kodak Moment ~BABY DAYS~

17 Babies First and Second Christmas Dylan’s First Christmas Christmas of 2002 Dylan’s Second Christmas Christmas of 2003

18 Family Memories First Family Picture July of 2002 Christmas Family Picture Christmas of 2003

19 CRUISIN’ Dylan’s Second Halloween Halloween of 2003 Dylan on His New four- wheeler

20 Like Mother Like Son Me at age 2 Dylan at age 2

21 Babies First Hair Cut Dylan’s first hair cut was on October 10, 2003

22 Christmas Pals Robin and Leah Christmas of 2000

23 A Day To Remember Graduated from New Albany High School in 2004.

24 The Catch Of The Day Robert Bell with his 8 point buck Bobby Bell with the trophy of the year

25 In Loving Memory Grandpa Bobby and Dylan on November 9, 2002 Grandpa Bobby Born on March 8, 1934 Passed away on August 7, 2003

26 The End Robin Marie Bell E-mail: Webpage: http://homepages.iu http://homepages.iu

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